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Port Sali/Dugi Otok (Croatia): Partially closed due to reconstruction work

Port of Sali (Dugi Otok Island in Croatia): Construction work and partial closure until the end of 2022

Due to extensive construction work, the Port Sali on Dugi Otok Island will remain partially closed at least until the end of 2022. So, with the start of the 2022 water sports season, the temporal situation regarding the closure due to the duration of the construction works in the port of Sali is ultimately, the timing of the completion of the reconstruction this year is hardly expected. However, one thing is clear: the port captainery monitors compliance with the amended rules of entry into the port, both on site and by video, and punishes appropriate violations.

High penalties for violations

A SeaHelp member who was on site speaks of up to five hourly violations, each of which will be sanctioned with 2,100 kuna per yacht. For this reason alone, he said, the utmost caution should be exercised because of the construction work in the port of Dugi Otok.

Pay attention to the rules of entry into the port of Sali

As it is further reported, due to the construction works in the port, the direct way of entering and leaving the port is blocked by two yellow warning buoys with a cross, located in the middle of the port entrance Sali. The entrance and exit to the port of Sali may only be made at the southern pier (old cannery) between the red, or green buoys and then along the pier to the entrance. However, due to construction work, the route may change at short notice. The maximum speed allowed is 3 knots.


Entrance port Sali on the island Dugi Otok in Croatia
New rules for entering the port of Sali – failure to comply could result in severe fines.


Problematic in stronger winds

Problematic, as previously portrayed, is entering the port of Sali in winds from the south or at 35 knots and above. In addition, it is reported that the red and green buoyage is currently barely visible when approaching from the east.

Complete closure of Port of Sali avoided

As further learned, the entrance to the port is prohibited yachts with a length of more than 12 meters. In addition, it should be allowed to enter the port only during daylight hours. It was originally planned because of the construction work, the Port Sali to close completely for recreational vessels, against this, however, the tradesmen, as a restaurant and the supermarket rebelled massively and finally caused a rethink of the responsible authorities.

Development of the construction work

How the situation develops, of course, depends on the progress of construction work in the port. We are happy to take note of the experiences of other skippers (including pictures) and will update this post if the situation changes.



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