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Kakan island, Konoba 7th Nebo: Feeling in seventh heaven

The Konoba 7th Nebo - Kakan - Croatia - Terrace
The terrace of the Konoba 7th Nebo
In the first place, the way to seventh heaven is leading across the water, then it’s getting quite stony but then, hitting the final destination, Konoba 7th Nebo will make up for all the inconveniences with excellent food and local wines. Real connoisseurs of the Adriatic will have noticed by now: We are in the area of Kakan island (region of Sibenik).

Anchor bouys are offering reliable security and, by dinghi, you will quickly reach the small pier in front of the billboard leading the way to graciuos visitors to seventh heaven, as is the English translation for 7th Nebo.

This will be reached sooner than expected, by just following a path lined with natural stone walls. On a small hill and amidst an olive grove, the gateway to seventh heaven will open. It’s name, based on an american film drama back from 1937, seems to fit perfectly at least in a metaphorical sense. The friendly owner himself is standing at the stove, creating simple but tasty dishes, gaining from their freshness and regionality. Those expecting something like ”…on…‟ or ”…in dialogue with…‟ will be disappointed. What you will find, though, is freshly caught fish, tenderly cooked meat specialities, high-quality olive oil directly from the neighbourhood and excellent Dalmation wines.

By the way: Kakan island is uninhabited except the restaurant. Olive groves, pine forests, rosemary, diverse other Mediterranean herbs and, of course, capers, giving the name to the neighbouring island of Kaprije, are thriving here in a mostly natural environment.

It is advisable to make a reservation for dining at the Konoba 7th Nebo under +385 95 887 6019.

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