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Water quality in the Adriatic: Croatia’s bathing water is clean

Croatia’s bathing water is clean
What could be more pleasant than a jump overboard into cool, refreshing water? In order to avoid possible negative health consequences, the EC is conducting a respective monitoring in all member states with Croatia taking the lead year after year.

And, as well, in 2018, the EC certified, via the European Environment Agency, a superior water quality at the 1008 official measuring points for the preferred holiday destination of many Europeans. Only Greece, Malta and Cypress performed even better as to the quality of their bathing waters. But one thing should be clear: What was actually measured was the bacterial infestation of the bathing water and not the contamination of the oceans with plastic waste, on which the focus lies today.

In 2018, the investigators recorded too high contamination values only in Southern Dalmatia in Srebreno bay, near Dubrovnik. What applies for remaining Croatia is: Swimming and snorkeling ok! Slovenia as well showed appropriate values without any further complaints, although along a relatively limited coastal strip.

Or, to put it differently: Those coming from Germany, Austria or Switzerland seeking clean Adriatic beaches without boarding an aircraft, will be in good hands in Croatia. But this is already common knowledge among skippers.

The water quality in Italy was found in not such a good shape, though: At the 4,871 measuring points the European Environment Agency recorded 79 cases of excessive bacterial contamination. Here, bathing should be avoided as far as possible. Those interested in the subject water quality in the Adriatic? and looking for further information, will find a compilation of links with useful research approaches to make sure that your bathing fun will not be spoilt by Montezuma’s revenge?

Subject-related links (total overview):

Report of the European Environment Agency

Map with individual measuring points of the bathing water quality in Croatia

Map with individual measuring points of the bathing water quality in Italy

Europe-wide research of bathing water quality

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