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Payment tourist tax for skippers in Croatia: At port captains from 4 April no payment possible – only online!

Online payment of tourist tax for skipper on a boat or yacht in 2021
Croatia has not increased the tourist tax for skippers for 2021. The only question remains: Should you pay a flat rate for the whole year or according to demand?

The Croatian National Tourist Board radiates confidence at least on the subject of “tourist tax for boat owners” and sees a season quite normal for navigators, because the 20% “Corona discount” because of the border closures in 2020 will not apply in 2021, as has now been communicated. Boat owners should note, however: Payment at the port captains, as practiced so far, is no longer possible. From now on (April 4, 2021), owners must use the online portal Nautika.evisitor to pay the tourist tax.

Croatian Tourist Board administers tourist tax

The tourist tax for boat owners, or skippers in Croatia is administered by the Croatian National Tourist Board. For the purposes of the regulation, a “vessel” is defined as a watercraft with a length of at least seven meters and built-in berths or berths that is used for recreational purposes.

Tourist Fee Distribution Key

The revenue from the tourist fee for skippers is distributed according to a fixed key specified in the Regulation of the Croatian Ministry of Tourism of June 26, 2020. 65% of the amount goes to the local tourism associations, which in turn pay 30% of it to the respective city or municipality where the tourism association is located. Another 15% of the tourist tax for skippers or boat owners is transferred to the regional tourism associations, and 20% is received by Croatian tourism authority for the promotion of maritime tourism, according to the regulation.

With permit/vigenette, SeaHelp can help

While the tourist tax can now be paid online by boat owners with moorings in Croatia, German and Austrian citizens still lack the access to also settle the payment for the permit online. Here SeaHelp has created a possibility to settle these services via SeaHelp, respectively the SeaHelp cooperation partner Mandinus d.o.o. with a small cost contribution. This saves nerves, spares owners unnecessary visits to port captains and supports contact avoidance, which is so important in the pandemic.

Permit / Vignette / Navigation Fees / Ship Safety Fees for Croatia Apply Online

Inconvenient application and payment

Previously, owners applying for the “Arrival Notification for Yachts or Boats in the Territorial Waters of the Republic of Croatia”, as it is translated from the “official Croatian”, first had to apply to the port captain, then to the nearest bank to pay the fee and then appear again with the payment slip to the port captain, who finally handed out the vignette or permit. Yes depending on the time and place boat owners were busy up to half a day.

Who would like to be relieved of this annoying duty, SeaHelp, and/or the SeaHelp co-operation partner can assign it. Here it goes to the appropriate Link.

No increase in 2021

At least, as far as the tourist tax for skippers and its amount is concerned, one can give the all-clear regarding the amount to be paid: Also in 2021, the spa tax remains at the level of 2020, an increase was absent, however, as already mentioned at the beginning, the “Corona discount” in the amount of 20 percent was also eliminated.

Gretchen question spa tax: flat rate or according to demand?

The only question that arises in this context for owners is: “Should I pay a flat rate for the whole year or is it cheaper to pay the tourist tax only for the actual stay on site?” The answer to this is up to each person to decide for themselves.

Assistance in this regard is also provided by the SeaHelp fee calculator, with which you can determine in just a few clicks which solution is more favorable for your particular use.

Here is the price list for the tourist tax for boat owners in Croatia:Tourist tax Croatia for boaters in 2021

Table of tourist tax Croatia for navigators in 2021

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