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The coronavirus doesn’t make a holiday: Avoid contacts and spare your nerves with the SeaHelp permit and visitor’s tax service

Croatia: Long queues for permit and tourist tax at the port authorities
As here, many owners are currently waiting in front of the offices of the port captains in Croatia to apply for or extend their permit and pay the tourist tax. Inevitably the rules of distance and often also the nerves are left behind when it takes a little longer.

Even if one might be inclined to throw some precautionary measures overboard due to the anticipation of the summer holidays that are about to start, the COVID 19 pandemic is far from over, as hot spots of new infections in Germany, Austria and Croatia show. And because the virus itself does not take a holiday, holidaymakers should continue to protect themselves, observe distance and hygiene rules and avoid unnecessary crowds as far as possible.

waiting at the harbour captain

This also includes the tiresome application for or extension of the permit as well as the payment of the tourist tax. Again and again one can observe long queues in front of the offices of the port captains and the neighbouring banks, as on our current photo in Punat on the island of Krk. Waiting people are currently reporting up to four hours needed to complete the permit extension and tourist tax including the due payment.

Office harbour captain in Punat

About SeaHelp Permit extension, pay tourist tax

For this reason, SeaHelp has created the possibility for all boat owners in Croatia to take care of the tiresome paperwork and banking formalities for owners for a small fee. This is easy on the nerves, saves valuable vacation time and reduces the risk of corona virus infection.

Avoid contact

We have already reported in the past about this special SeaHelp service, which should once again be in the focus of the owners in view of new findings: Mass events like a tennis tournament in Zadar or a church service in the Osijek region lead to new infections. In addition, with the start of the tourist season, thousands of seasonal workers are now pouring into the country from neighbouring countries.

Against this background, there is no harm in restricting contacts as far as possible. This includes avoidable visits to the port captain and the surrounding banks, in front of which long queues have formed in recent weeks.

At this point it should be pointed out once again: Both port captains and bank employees are far from being able to act as quickly as they did in the past due to the Corona requirements. That is why, given the situation, we should understand if things do not go as quickly as we would like them to.

Corona: Hardly any danger on yachts

The current tourist situation, which also applies to water sports, shows a certain north-south divide. While in the north, thus in Istria, numerous tourists and water sportsmen have already returned, slowly but surely also the numbers increase in the south. With the beginning of the holidays in Germany, there should be again a considerable increase of the number of tourists. Thus, in the southern regions, the number of water sportsmen and women who want to apply for a new permit or extend their permit and also have to pay the tourist tax is inevitably increasing. Also here it might come then to longer waiting periods.

Zur Bootsanmeldung für Permit / Vignette KroatienIf you want to avoid this and at the same time minimize your own risk of infection, you can find out more about the new SeaHelp service for applying for a permit or extending and paying the tourist tax.

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