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Yacht sharing: pros and cons

Meros yacht sharing - 95 Yacht

The largest yacht at the just-concluded boot 2023 in Düsseldorf was a 95 yacht from Sunseeker. If you want to experience that superyacht feeling for yourself without buying the whole yacht, simply purchase a share in the 28.06-meter Beauty – sharing is cheaper, has many advantages – and is trendy. SeaHelp explains how it works.

Sharing is in trend, no question, “Sharing is Caring” long since a winged word. Means: sharing is an act of kindness. When we share something with someone, it is tantamount to taking care of them.

In relation to yachts, “caring” could be replaced with “clever”, because nothing is given away here, on the one hand. On the other hand, you can save a lot of money if you decide to buy only a part of the yacht instead of the whole one.


Meros-Yachtsharing - 95 Yacht at boot 2023 in Düsseldorf


The idea is not new: Sharing is simply clever – and in some circumstances saves a lot of trouble and a lot of money

The idea is not new, sharing models have existed for many years in the real estate sector, for expensive cars and even in the aviation sector: several shareholders share a private jet here, for example. This is practical and saves a lot of money.

At some point, this concept was also applied to luxury yachts: SeaNet is one of the pioneers here; for the first time, this company headed by Matty Zadnikar made it possible to own a Benetti superyacht as a share-owner – the lawyer calls it fractional ownership.

The Moorings / Sunsail, for example, have been offering so-called yacht owner models with their catamarans from the South African Robertson & Caine shipyard for some time now – with growing success. If you want, you can use “your” yacht for several weeks a year in the Mediterranean in summer – or an identical yacht in the Caribbean or in the South Seas when it’s winter here.

Beneteau monohulls are also offered as owner-model boats; The Moorings even guarantees a monthly income here. Alternatively, a “purchase option program” is available – with the possibility of purchasing the vessel at an attractive discount at the end of the program. The charter professional takes care of the entire yacht management and operational costs.

For the first time, a 95 yacht from Sunseeker is now also available as a sharing object

New this year is that with the 95 Yacht from Meros Yachtsharing one can now for the first time “share” one of the popular luxury large yachts from the English yacht builder Sunseeker. Meros is an international company based in Malta and Spain; it is expected to open another office in the United Kingdom soon.

Entrepreneur Martin Huber founded the company in 2019 with the goal of offering the market a “real alternative to sole ownership of yachts with as few compromises as possible, but at the highest level.” At the just-concluded boot show in Düsseldorf, Huber introduced his concept, saying that Meros is the only company in Europe to offer the opportunity to co-own or co-own new Sunseeker superyachts managed by experienced crews.



Multiple Co-Owners share a yacht temporally and also financially, two models are available here

In general, the way the model works is that multiple Co-Owners usually share a superyacht temporally and financially – so far so good, and so simple. Where it gets interesting – and more legally challenging – is when you have to decide between boat ownership and boat ownership. The difference seems marginal at first glance, but it can quickly become significant in terms of cost, liability and tax issues.

Two models are offered with Sunseeker sharing: with the so-called flex-share, interested parties have the opportunity to participate in the financing of the yacht – according to the desired weeks of use per year. The buyers are then no owners, but there are also no cost risks such as loss of value, repair costs or accident damage. Only a guaranteed lump sum becomes due.

Only with the so-called Quarter Share one becomes share owner of the yacht, the buyer carries however the cost risk

With the so-called Quarter Share, interested parties can acquire pro rata ownership of the yacht. Concretely: Buyers receive here over a partnership company (indirectly) a quarter portion of the Sunseeker yacht and can use these for it 12 weeks per year – more time is often anyway not present, in order to be able to use the superyacht adequately.

The Sunseeker 95 yacht offered itself not least because of the ideal cabin configuration as a basis for the sharing model, says Meros; “extensive design changes to the exterior as well as the interior” ultimately led to the new Meros flagship, which from now on stands as an entry model into the superyacht segment for the development of the Meros Mediterranean fleet.

(Share) owner of a yacht with five cabins and a master cabin on the main deck, which extends over three levels

In total, after the adaptation, the superyacht has five cabins, spread over two decks, which can comfortably accommodate up to twelve people. A special feature is the master cabin on the main deck, which extends over three levels and provides open and luxurious living with direct sea views.

The upper deck was inspired by Sunseeker’s new Ocean series and designed accordingly, so it is now possible to accommodate a Jacuzzi and a jet ski with crane on the flybridge.
The upper deck also features a bar and ample space for guests.

The new Meros flagship will be based in the southwest of Mallorca, in a port that operates year-round.

More info on the new Sunseeker yacht sharing model at Various yachtowner sharing models with Benetti yachts: The Moorings yacht owner models on the web:

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