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Diesel tank cleaners make up for spring tour Diesel plague: Tank cleaner on tour in Italy and Croatia from 8th of June

Diesel plague in diesel filter
Clogged fuel filters are also causing problems this season. Prolonged periods of standing of the yachts in warm, humid surroundings promote the development of diesel plague in the tanks.

As recently as February SeaHelp reported that the tank cleaners from MFT Mikrofiltertechnik are once again on tour in the Adriatic Sea to clean the diesel tanks or to investigate whether the dangerous diesel plague (bacterial infestation or oxidation) has already spread in the fuel system. But then the coronavirus came and the Adriatic tour had to be postponed for the time being. At the urging of numerous customers, who also want to play it safe this summer, tank cleaners have found an appointment at short notice to carry out tank cleaning in Italy, Slovenia and Croatia (up to Dalmatia). Further registrations are still being accepted.

Here the prospective new dates:

08. June: San Remo
09. June: Lignano
10. June: Novigrad
11. June: Krk/Punat
12. June: Marina Dalmatia
13. June: Skradin

SeaHelp members have the opportunity to save 10% of the cost of tank cleaning through the Benefit Partner Discount.

Diesel problems are increasing

Christian Burmester from MFT Mikrofiltertechnik: “Since more and more biodiesel has been added to biodiesel in Croatia after its accession to the EU, people have realized that there is a need for action. We receive numerous orders from customers whose ships are based in Croatia”. The trend here is not really surprising: More and more skippers are reporting diesel problems, partly because high-quality additives are hardly available.

Advantages for SeaHelp members

Therefore, if you want to be on the safe side, you should seek advice in advance as to whether a tank inspection or tank cleaning is necessary or possible.
SeaHelp members can book a tank inspection at the SeaHelp special price of 90 euros less 10% and also a tank cleaning directly by e-mail. Depending on the ship and the effort involved, the corresponding costs for tank cleaning will be charged, minus the ten percent SeaHelp discount for members. But in this case you usually save even more: Since the cleaning professionals are already on site, the necessary travel costs are reduced considerably.

Hygiene in the diesel tank important

SeaHelp has been emphasizing the importance of appropriate “tank hygiene” for years. In a SeaHelp-initiated inspection of the diesel tanks at Marina Olive Island, approximately 80% of the yachts inspected had bacteria in their tanks. For safety reasons, many of the tanks had to be cleaned to avoid the risk of fuel-related engine failures. The result of this first large-scale investigation ultimately led to many owners paying more attention to the fuel in their tanks.

Already many breakdowns due to diesel plague

The importance of keeping an eye on the quality of the fuel after a long storage period is shown by the first applications in the 2020 season: almost 50% of the failures of yachts with diesel engines were previously due to clogged fuel filters. The often longer service life on land, combined with the penetration of humid air at higher outside temperatures, promotes the growth of bacteria and at the same time ensures a disproportionately decreasing fuel stability, which in the long run can also lead to engine damage.

Direct hotline for tank cleaning/tank inspection

MFT Mikrofiltertechnik
Tel.: +4915122657554

If the sight glass looks like this, a tank cleaning should be performed urgently.

Livestream on YouTube from 05.03.2021


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