New SeaHelp base in the Marina Veruda in Pula: From 1 July 2022 new base in Pula with eight-meter – response boat

SeaHelp rescue boat in Pula / Istria: Pischel RIBLine 8.0
Pischel RIBLine 8.0 for the new SeaHelp base at Marina Veruda in Pula in southern Istria.

A robust and fast, eight-meter-long response boat from SeaHelp, the leading organization that has been providing roadside assistance and other services to European recreational boaters on the water since 2005, will also be available from July 1, 2022 at Marina Veruda in Pula near the southern tip of the Istrian peninsula for operations in Istria, the northwestern Brijuni National Park and Kvarner.

From July 1, 2022 sports skippers around the southern tip of Istria, the Brijuni National Park and Kvarner will be even safer, because from this date – and thus in time for the summer season ’22 – in the Marina Veruda in Pula near the southern tip of the peninsula of Istria, an additional, 8-meter-long response boat is ready.


Pischel RIBLine 8.0: Rescue boat for the SeaHelp base in Pula
The proven Pischel RIBLine 8.0 is fully equipped for professional use as a rescue boat and can be on the scene in the shortest possible time due to its high speed potential.


Addition of SeaHelp base in Pula was the next logical step for even better coverage of the maritime area

“Due to the continuously increasing number of missions and the often large distances in this sea area, it was the next logical step for SeaHelp, for an even better coverage of the area in Istria, next to Porec now to install a further, second base in this region so important for recreational shipping”, says SeaHelp Managing Director Wolfgang Dauser.

As Sea-Help base, the Marina Veruda on the eastern shore of the bay of the same name in Pula was chosen, because there is already a good cooperation with the marina management here. In addition, an average arrival time of the up to 40 knots (74 km/h) fast, new operation boat of less than 20 minutes in Istria can thus be guaranteed, according to Wolfgang Dauser.


Andrea Juhas - SeaHelp Base Manager Pula
On the left in the picture Andrea Juhas the new SeaHelp base manager in Pula.


SeaHelp Mitgliedschaft

Istria is very popular with pleasure boaters, there are eight notable tourist centers and 11 marinas here

Sea-Help has always kept an eye on the nautical development of the areas; for this reason, the number, locations and size of the bases have already been adjusted several times in the past to the increased number of operations; as a consistent next step, Pula-Veruda in the south of Istria will now be installed as a new base.

The south of Istria has a coastline of about 110 kilometers, there are many larger and smaller offshore islands such as Brijuni, Sv. Jerolim, Frasker, Kotez, Veruda, Ceja, Fenera, Bekovac, Bodulaš, Trumbuja and Levan, on land there are more than 30,000 beds available in hotels and campsites, and there are about six million overnight stays per year.

Typical breakdowns in the area are overheated engines and broken alternators

An above-average number of sailors and motor boaters are on the move in this tourist-attractive area with eight notable tourist centers and 11 marinas, according to usage figures for the handy and popular SeaHelp app and sales of annual vignettes, Wolfgang Dauser says, but Istria is also an important port of call for crews looking to transfer their yachts from Italy’s northern Adriatic to Dalmatia.


SeaHelp rescue boat Pischel RIBLine 8.0
Even better coverage of the maritime area in Istria thanks to the new SeaHelp base at Marina Veruda in Pula in the south of Istria.


“In the north of Istria, experience shows that many Italian pilots need help”, says Marko Orlic from the SeaHelp operations center, typical breakdowns here are, for example, overheated engines or defective alternators; in the south of Istria, there are similar problems, but in addition, the permanent strain on the technology after crossing the Kvarner makes itself felt here with the returnees from the south of Croatia.

In Istria there is an above-average number of operations to free anchor gear

Because Istria has comparatively few anchoring opportunities in shallow water due to the bays often closed off by hotels or campgrounds, another typical deployment of SeaHelp rescuers in this region is to free anchors, said Orlic, the operations manager.


SeaHelp mission: anchor release
Anchor is stuck in a chain.


24h EMERGENCY CALL EUROPE: 00800 112 00 112 (Alternative: 0043 50 43 112)

In case of an emergency, SeaHelp’s response boat can be called from Pula by dialing 00800 112 00 112 or 0043 50 43 112 or by using the handy SeaHelp app.

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