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At the danish border: Seahelp separates wedged sport boats

In front of the “Ochseninseln” on Danish territory, a skerry cruiser collided with a motor yacht. The pointed bow of the agile sailor drilled through the outer skin in the anchor box of the yacht and wedged with the bow flap so hard that it had to be cut free.

SeaHelp Baltic Sea employee René Haar was on site with his task boat immediately and was able to separate the two wedged together vessels.

Although both ships were then ready to go, they had to be hauled to the nearest port for safety reasons, where a thorough investigation into possible damage could be made. The SeaHelp mission boat and the distress rescue service (DGzRS), which had meanwhile also arrived at the site, took over one ship each.

There was a damage of well over 10,000 euros. René Haar: “Only through the quick SeaHelp deployment, the damage could be kept relatively low.” In general, SeaHelp points out in this context again, by using the SeaHelp app for mobile phones with iOS and Android operating systems a call for help is just two clicks away. By the mobile phone’s GPS, the current location coordinates of the user are already transferred with the help request to the SeaHelp operations center. This means that all SeaHelp task boats are able to get to the accident site immediately without any delay. The free SeaHelp app with numerous additional functions useful for skippers does not need an existing Internet connection for the help function, but works via SMS.

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