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Position lights: Lights guidance on yachts - Which visual signals must be guided?

The correct light guidance (setting of navigation lights, carrying of lights) is defined - for Germany - in the Collision Prevention Regulations (KVR), the Seeschifffahrtsstraßen-Ordnung (SeeSchStrO) or the Binnenschifffahrtsstraßen-Ordnung (BinnenSchStrO) are regulated to prevent collisions and accidents. Which lights are mandatory on recreational boats? When do they have to be carried? - Skipper tips from the SeaHelp editorial team for...

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Anchoring: 10 tips for the perfect anchor maneuver | anchor chain on the bow of the yacht

The goal of the trip is clear: an anchorage in a sheltered bay, in the first row, directly in front of the beach. Turquoise water and only a gentle swell that makes the yacht rock gently. SeaHelp has compiled ten tips for safe, successful anchoring. 1. Select anchorage Sea charts and area guides reveal pretty much exactly where the most...

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