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First aid kit, what should be in it? First aid kit on board the yacht.

Some claim that it is the most important piece of luggage on board a (sailing) boat: the first-aid kit. Our skipper tip from the SeaHelp editorial team explains which medicines are important at sea and why the first-aid kit is an important part of preparing for a trip. What to do if an injury occurs during a cruise, a crew...

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Seasickness on the boat: nausea on board

Seasickness is a so-called motion sickness, a kinetosis. Therefore, it can also occur in cars, buses or airplanes as motion sickness. It occurs because the brain receives different information from the eyes, the inner ear with the organ of balance, and the muscles about the position, posture, and location of the body in space. When this information does not match...

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Carbon monoxide detector Kidde Modell: X10

A sad case that could have been easily prevented by using the adequate measures: A 57-year-old man died on a charter boat in Dalmatia, five other passengers had to be taken to hospital in Split-Firule, some of them showing life threatening signs of toxicity and they had to be treated in the intensive care unit. It is particularly unfortunate that,...

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