SeaHelp Livestream Topics: Croatia vacation, entry, quarantine and yacht charter

Vacation 2021: The crucial question for all boat and yacht owners, but of course also for all charter guests in Croatia is, taking into account the coronavirus pandemic but: When can the significantly more than 200,000 boats and yachts in Croatia finally set sail again? The start of the 2021 water sports season is already eagerly awaited, including by charter...

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SeaHelp Livestream: Lecture on the subject of diesel spraying

About so important topics like fuels or diesel plague one speaks actually on the fairs, but the classical boat fairs as for example the boot Duesseldorf or the Austrian Boat Show Boot Tulln were cancelled Corona-conditioned, the personal exchange of the skippers among themselves and/or with the service providers from the boat industry can take place probably only if they...

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