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SeaHelp livestream on Friday, March 12, 2021: Charter vacations in Croatia 2021 – Pitter Yachtcharter and SeaHelp inform…

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Information about yacht charter, but also general information for boat and yacht owners about the special situation in Croatia provides the SeaHelp live stream. Questions can be asked in the chat and by mail.

Vacation 2021: The crucial question for all boat and yacht owners, but of course also for all charter guests in Croatia is, taking into account the coronavirus pandemic but: When can the significantly more than 200,000 boats and yachts in Croatia finally set sail again? The start of the 2021 water sports season is already eagerly awaited, including by charter guests. Answers to this question will be provided by the SeaHelp livestream on Friday, 19.00 on the SeaHelp channel on YouTube. And we betray certainly no secret, if we state already times in advance that the chances for a Croatia vacation 2021, naturally also as charter trip, do not stand at all so badly, in order to express it once cautiously.

Livestream on Friday, 12.03.2021 at 7 p.m.



SeaHelp editorial: info on entry, return, quarantine regulations

The SeaHelp editorial staff informs in the context of the Livestream first of all about the current entry regulations for Croatia. Of course, it always has an open ear for future developments in travel to Croatia and is in constant contact with the responsible authorities both in Germany, Austria and in the destination country Croatia itself. Here, extremely interesting perspectives are just opening up, especially since the infection figures in many Croatian regions are significantly lower than those in Germany and Austria. We also revisit the SeaHelp survey among water sports enthusiasts from 2020, which demonstrated an extremely low risk of infection in Croatia. This was additionally confirmed by studies conducted by MEDUni Graz on PCR tests of water sports enthusiasts returning from Croatia and now, very recently, by an RKI publication in Germany.

Klaus Pitter of Pitter Yachtcharter on the current situation in Croatia

However, the main part of the livestream will be taken by Klaus Pitter of Pitter Yachtcharter, one of the leading charter companies in Croatia with 15 charter bases, six of which are managed in-house. Over 400 yachts cruise off Croatia’s coast under the Pitter Yachtcharter flag.

Safety standards on the ground in Croatia

Klaus Pitter, as well as SeaHelp in advance, will comment on the current situation in Croatia, but also present the current safety standards for a Corona-friendly water sports 2021 in the Croatian marinas and of course for his own company. These implemented measures in many cases go far beyond the standards planned by the Croatian Tourist Board and apply to all Pitter charter bases.

Travel Protection, Cancellation Policy and Corona

Klaus Pitter will also explain in more detail the new Safe & Risk-Free PLUS Cancellation Insurance, which offers protection even in the event of COVID-19 illness and quarantine requirements.

A presentation that should be of interest not only to potential charter customers, but to all skippers and vacationers with Croatia as a destination, because just as from SeaHelp, here is the first-hand info describing both the season preparation and the current situation on the ground in Croatia.

Quest our experts in the chat and by mail

Of course, there will be the opportunity to chat with the experts during the lecture, but also afterwards. They are available to answer all questions about Croatia, boating and yachting vacations and charter to the best of their knowledge. Therefore do not forget: Friday 19.00 h YouTube switch on. Here you can enter the date already once automatically in their calendar: Link

Subscribe to the SeaHelp channel and activate the bell

To make sure you don’t miss anything, here’s a tip: Go to the SeaHelp channel beforehand via this link, subscribe to the channel and activate the bell so that you will also be notified in good time via this route. The broadcast starts already 10 minutes before the actual start of the broadcast with the opening credits. During this time it is also possible to ask questions in the chat. However, you are also welcome to send us questions and suggestions in advance at which are to be dealt with. This also applies to the many questions that we may not consider during the broadcast. We guarantee to answer all mails we receive accordingly.

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