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Current message: Quarantine on entry Austria is omitted for Croatia vacationers from tomorrow, June 1!

Austria's Tourism Minister Elisabeth Köstinger (left) and Croatia's Tourism Minister Nikolina Brnjac (right) jointly announced at a working meeting in Vienna today the news that as of June 1 the quarantine for Austrian citizens returning from Croatia will be lifted.
Austria's Tourism Minister Elisabeth Köstinger (left) and Croatia's Tourism Minister Nikolina Brnjac (right) jointly announced at a working meeting in Vienna today the news that as of June 1 the quarantine for Austrian citizens returning from Croatia will be lifted. Photo: BKA/Dunker

Good news for all Croatia vacationers: Still on May 28, 2021 SeaHelp editors reported, the entry to Austria for Croatia vacationers should be possible at the latest until mid-June even without subsequent quarantine. Now came the probably best news for boat and yacht owners from the Austrian Ministry of Tourism: already from 1 June, i.e. from Tuesday, the quarantine for travelers returning from Croatia will no longer apply. From now on, the 3-G rule applies: fully vaccinated, recovered and tested persons can enter from Croatia without subsequent quarantine.

From June 1, 2021, no quarantine on entry Croatia

Austria’s tourism minister Elisabeth Köstinger announced the good news during a working meeting with Croatian Tourism Minister Nikolina Brnjac at Vienna’s Hotel Grand Ferdinand, specifically at the Meissl & Schadn restaurant. In the subsequent statement, it says: “Starting tomorrow (i.e., June 1, ed.), guests or returning travelers from Croatia can enter Austria without quarantine if they are tested, vaccinated or recovered. This is an important step towards restoring freedom of travel in Europe.”

Ideal for upcoming long weekend

Tourism Minister Elisabeth Köstinger is thus obviously doing her compatriots a big favor by removing the quarantine for travelers returning from Croatia, because just before the long weekend, many will thus take the opportunity to soak up the first sun of early summer on the Adriatic.

Nikolina Brnjac: Croatia is prepared for the season

Nikolina Brnjac is also happy to finally welcome more Austrians in Croatia: “Croatia has done everything to be ready for the season, and this is confirmed by all the announcements made so far. The improvement of the epidemiological situation brings additional optimism, and it is especially encouraging that the number of vaccinated people in Croatia is increasing every day. Intensive vaccination of our tourism employees is underway, of whom more than 60% are already vaccinated in some regions. With all our measures since the beginning of the year, with our project “Safe stay in Croatia”Safe stay in Croatia“), the establishment of additional testing stations for tourists, as well as the co-financing of the tests, we have created the conditions for a successful season,” she explains.

Traveling in Europe should become easier

Tourism Minister Köstinger thinks in the working conversation with Nikolina Brnjac already a step further, because they agreed not only on the subject of Croatia travel, but in general to travel within Europe:

“With mid-June (for Croatia already from June 1, editor’s note), there will be greater freedom to travel based on the recommendations of the Robert Koch Institute. Those who enter from a simple “risk area” according to the Robert Koch Institute, and are tested, vaccinated or recovered, should be exempt from quarantine. It is important that this status can also be checked and verified in the EU in an uncomplicated way. We therefore need a Green Passport with third countries analogous to the European Green Passport. This is of course particularly important for tourist countries such as Austria or Croatia. To this end, I have today also discussed with a counterpart from Croatia.”

7-day incidence Croatia: 51.9 – Istria only 12.4

Holidaymakers, meanwhile, can travel to Croatia without worrying, the number of new infections is literally in “low flight”, on 31.5.2021 Croatia had a 7-day incidence of 51.9 according to the SeaHelp map, almost all coastal regions have jumped to green with the start of the travel season starting in June. The frontrunner remains Istria, with a 7-day incidence of 12.4, almost unprecedented in Europe.

Congestion expected at the border

But beware: before the holiday on Thursday, increased travel activity should be expected at the borders towards the Adriatic Sea, as many Austrians apparently want to enjoy the new freedom of travel without quarantine on the return journey for travelers returning from Croatia. The SeaHelp editorial team, which like many others has campaigned for the elimination of quarantine on return from Croatia, wishes in this way a good trip to Croatia and back.

Don’t forget to enterCroatia

It is also recommended to continue to fill out the form EnterCroatia on the outward journey. The EnterCroatia online form allows visitors to enter all necessary information and data before traveling to Croatia to facilitate border crossing upon entry. All information on regulations and entry options, as well as information on how to travel safely and responsibly to and within Croatia, is regularly updated by the Croatian National Tourist Board on the Q&A website. If there will be any changes, we will communicate it here.

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