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Interview with Denis Ivosevic, Director Tourism Association Istria

How will tourism in Croatia, especially Istria, develop in 2021 under the influence of the Corona virus? A fact that particularly concerns boat owners, charter guests, but also hotel, apartment and camping vacationers. "Should I book already or better still wait and see how the situation regarding the coronavirus pandemic will continue?" This crucial question is probably currently asked by...

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Tourism Croatia: Overnight stay - numbers 2020

In the first eight months of this year 6.8 million tourists visited Croatia and generated 47.5 million overnight stays, which corresponds to approx. 41% and 53% of the previous year's level. These results are better than expected after the outbreak of the coronavirus infection, according to a statement of the Minister of Tourism and Sports Nikolina Brnjac and the Director...

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2020 statistics on boats and yachts in Croatia despite Covid-19

Actually, one has always known it: water sports enthusiasts, especially boat and yacht owners are among the most loyal guests in Croatia. To confirm this thesis, the Croatian Ministry of Sea, Transport and Infrastructure, according to the correct translation, has now provided the corresponding figures. While according to the Croatian Ministry of Tourism the number of tourists decreased by about...

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Vacation Croatia - Porec few vacationers

Holiday Croatia 2019 vs. 2020: Just last year, innumerable users, especially in the social media, were up in arms about the alleged mass tourism in Croatia and proved it with rising tourism figures. Some even threatened to turn their backs on the country on the Adriatic forever. Currently, Croatia, with what is probably Europe's most beautiful coast, is considered to...

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