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300 megayachts despite corona: Croatia’s tourism accounts for 53 % of the previous year’s overnight stays

Tourism Croatia: Overnight stay - numbers 2020
More than 300 mega yachts were moored in Croatia during the summer - a sign that many yacht owners trust the measures taken by Croatian marinas.

In the first eight months of this year 6.8 million tourists visited Croatia and generated 47.5 million overnight stays, which corresponds to approx. 41% and 53% of the previous year’s level. These results are better than expected after the outbreak of the coronavirus infection, according to a statement of the Minister of Tourism and Sports Nikolina Brnjac and the Director of the Croatian Tourism Association (HTZ) Kristijan Stanicic at a press conference in Zagreb. And Nikolina Brnjac added: “Nautical tourism is one of the segments that have developed well. Currently there are about 300 mega yachts in Croatia. We hope that this good season will continue”. The head of the Marina Association of the Croatian Chamber of Commerce (HGK), Sean Lisjak, also told the press conference that the marinas are satisfied with this year’s results.

Tourism: July and August with good figures

From these 47.5 million overnight accomodation 84% were allotted to the months July and August, alone in these two months Croatia registered 5.2 million holiday-makers.

Istria had the most tourists

In the first eight months of 2020, 11.9 million overnight stays were realized in Istria, followed by the district of Primorje-Gorski Kotar with 9.7 million overnight stays and the district of Zadar with 8.6 million overnight stays. Next in line are the Split-Dalmatia district with 8.3 million overnight stays and the Šibenik-Knin district with 3.6 million overnight stays. Dubrovnik-Neretva County realized 2.5 million overnight stays, Lika-Senj County 1.7 million overnight stays, while Zagreb realized 550,000 overnight stays and other continental districts realized 835,000 overnight stays.

Most arrivals from Germany

Looking at the countries from which the guests came, the most overnight stays in the first eight months were counted from Germany (11.2 million), Slovenia (7.6 million), Poland (4 million), the Czech Republic (3.1 million) and Austria (2.3 million), followed by Italy (1.4 million), Hungary (1.3 million) and Slovakia (1.1 million).

Private apartments preferred

Thereby Croatia vacationers preferred primarily apartments (20.3 million) as well as camping sites (7.9 million) and hotels (5.9 million).

To the Top goals in the first eight months according to the criteria of the realized overnight accomodation ranked Vir, Rovinj, Medulin, Poreč, Crikvenica and Mali Lošinj.

In August alone, only 36% decrease in corona

Not least because of the restrictive measures taken before the start of the main tourist season, Croatia got off with a black eye: In August the vacation country at the Adria realized 64 per cent of the overnight accomodation numbers of the last year.

Alone in the main season, in August, the Croatian registration system eVistor counted 2.7 million arrivals and 21.1 million overnight accomodations, i.e. 54 per cent of the arrivals and 64 per cent of the overnight accomodations in the same period of the year 2019.

Istria tourism also leading in August

In August, Istria was the country with the most overnight stays (5.1 million), followed by 4.2 million overnight stays in the Kvarner Bay area and 4 million overnight stays in the Split-Dalmatia district. It was followed by the district of Zadar with 3.8 million overnight stays and the district of Šibenik-Knin with 1.7 million overnight stays. In the Dubrovnik-Neretva county, 1.2 million overnight stays were realized, while in the Lika-Senj county, about 750,000 overnight stays and in Zagreb 84,000 overnight stays were registered in the electronic registration system.

Only 800,000 Austrians in Croatia in August

On a national level, the highest number of overnight stays by German guests (5.3 million) was counted in August. Slovenia (2.8 million), Poland (2.2 million), the Czech Republic (1.3 million), Austria (800,000), Italy (760,000), Hungary (635,000) and Slovakia (520,000) followed in the other places.

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