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Weather Croatia at peak travel time: Sunny and finally over 30 degrees announced

Croatia: Perfect weather on holiday
Sunny prospects for all holidaymakers in Croatia: In the next 14 days the weather forecasters predict sunny and partly tropical temperatures

Just in time for the start of the main tourist season, the weather in Croatia should show itself from its best side, according to meteorologists: Temperatures of 35 degrees and more are announced, at night the thermometer hardly falls below 20 degrees. In addition, if the forecasts are to be believed, there should be little wind and swell. Croatia’s weathermen even warn of a heat wave coming up.

storm moved over Zagreb

In the last few weeks the weather god in Croatia has not necessarily always shown himself from his best side. A few beautiful days were followed every now and then by a more or less pronounced low pressure area, which caused flooded streets and crowded cellars, especially in the Zagreb region.

Croatia’s coast largely spared

SeaHelp, like many others, sent Institutions to receive a weather warning via the free SeaHelp App to skippers in the Adriatic Sea area, which, unlike the weather warnings of the past, did attract attention from owners and charter crews. In spite of thunderstorms and partly strong gusty winds in combination with high wave action, it remained rather calm in the operations center. We only had two operations during the bad weather phase, but they had nothing to do with the weather either, the cause was in the technical area, they said.

At least those who were in the Croatian coastal areas were lucky: the core of the strong low-pressure system turned away towards the interior of the country and caused considerable damage here, while the coast was only touched by a few spurs.

Croatia: Now sunny

This should – at least according to the predictions of the meteorologists, however, be over now. A stable high-pressure cell is spreading over Croatia, it is said, which will provide the best bathing weather with temperatures of up to 35 degrees and more. Even at night it becomes tropical, the mercury column hardly sinks below 20 degrees.


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Best bathing weather in Croatia

For holidaymakers hoping for a few sunny days with the best bathing weather on the Adriatic after the rather mixed summer in Germany and Austria, the weather change is just right. Croatia’s tourism experts are still expecting a short-term increase in the number of guests, especially since word has probably got around by now that the coastal regions are much less affected by the Covid 19 pandemic than the interior of the country. In particular, the regions bordering Serbia and Bosnia-Herzegovina show significantly more COVID-19 infections due to the epidemiological conditions in neighbouring countries. Obviously, until the introduction of the Croatian quarantine regulations for visitors from these neighbouring countries, there was a lively exchange of information, as the follow-up of COVID-19 new infections showed.

The skippers should also be more than happy about the weather change. Some of them reported significantly lower water temperatures for the time of year and a night-time drop in air temperature, which is hardly ever seen in this form on the Adriatic in July.


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Sufficient data for weather forecasts are missing

However, if the meteorologists have their way, there will be plenty of sunshine for at least the next 14 days. But there is still one downer: the forecasts are not as accurate as in the past. Even if one may hardly believe it, the reason for this can also be found in COVID-19. Due to the restriction of air traffic caused by the pandemic, the weather stations lack important weather data, which are transmitted by the airplanes, including passenger planes. This happens mainly during take-offs and landings, where data from the individual air layers are reported in real time. The precision of the forecasts suffers as a result, which now has to rely more heavily on information from weather satellites.

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