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May 2019: The Croatian “rainy season” ends on 2 June – Pentecost is sunny

Croatia 2019 - Pentecost will be sunny
"Greetings from rainy Croatia" - this or something similar is how most of the mails from owners who are in the Croatian Adriatic Sea area to get their boat ready for the coming summer or even had already planned the first trip end up at the moment. For many of them, the rainy May thwarted their plans. The good news is that every bad weather period ends at some point.

Almost right on time with the meteorological beginning of summer (June 1st) the “rainy season” on the Adriatic is over and the sun drives away the last dark clouds. In short: from 2 June onwards the sun will shine again for a long time, competing with the skippers. The Adriatic summer takes off.

However, the weather caprices in May 2019 are unlikely to have anything to do with the much discussed climate change, but were still within the normal meteorological fluctuation range. This can also be seen when looking at the long-term climate data for the Adriatic region, because ultimately the general weather situation prevailing over Europe also determines whether it will rain or shine in Croatia.

The problem is more in the personal perception: In May 2018 there was a constant high pressure area over the Adriatic Sea, the sun was shining almost non-stop and already brought midsummer temperatures to the preseason. Depending on local conditions, temperatures were on average between eight and ten degrees above the average values of previous years, and so were the number of hours of sunshine. And because people are generally more inclined to remember the good times, they quickly repressed the fact that May is not yet summer after all.

At least one thing is certain: from 2 June, holidaymakers in Croatia can leave their umbrellas at home and, as a precaution, equip themselves with a good portion of sun cream, preferably with a high sun protection factor, because Pentecost is supposed to be the height of summer on the entire Adriatic.

By the way: SeaHelp is ready, the emergency boats are ready for the start of the season. Are you? We recommend checking the SeaHelp app to make sure that all updates have been completed and that the data entered is still correct, so that you don’t lose time unnecessarily in an emergency. And only in passing: From June 2nd on it is of course worthwhile to have a look at the area guide again, because with the nice weather there will be more videos.

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