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Island of Krk and in parts of Istria: Boat gas stations for petrol and diesel closed on Krk – difficulties with concession?

Boat gas stations Croatia: Island of Krk Flash and Ina boat refuelling station closed
Not only on Krk, but also in many other places, such as the Marina Medulin in Istria, the boat gas stations are closed or have not even been opened.

Boat and yacht owners cannot currently fill up with gasoline or diesel at the boat refuelling station on the island of Krk, as the INA boat gas station in Krk has been closed since 8 November. Also the Flash boat gas station has not been in operation since spring 2020. On the island of Mali Losinj, there is currently no more fuel flowing from the INA boat refuelling station there, and it is still possible to refuel at the Adriatic Sea Oil boat gas station. SeaHelp has already inquired with the operators of the boat gas stations, especially the oil company INA, but has not yet received an answer.

Marina Medulin: Boat gas station closed

Elsewhere there are also problems in supplying boat and yacht owners with gasoline and diesel at the boat refuelling stations: For example, the Flash boat refuelling station, which was located last year in the area of the entrance to the Marina Veruda and then moved to the Marina Medulin, was not in operation for the whole of 2020.

Disadvantageous for guests and permanent residents of Medulin and ACI Marina Pula

However, this disturbed the charter companies, their guests and owners of the boats and yachts in Marina Medulin and ACI Marina Pomer. But they could still switch to the relatively nearby gas station in the ACI Marina Pula. However, even the Flash gas station installed on land in the Marina Veruda worked reliably throughout the summer.

Were concessions not processed by the administrations?

Officially, there was no comment on the closures of the boat refuelling stations, but underhandedly it was learned that the concessions for the boat refuelling stations must be renewed every five years. Partly the municipalities in whose area the boat refuelling stations are operated are responsible for this. Due to the corona pandemic, however, most administrative officials were in their “home office” in spring 2020. Many necessary permits were probably left lying around or could only be processed hesitantly because access to the necessary files and documents was only guaranteed to a very limited extent.

Processing backlog until the end of the year cleared

However, this backlog in processing caused by the Corona crisis should soon be cleared. Flash hopes that the boat refuelling station in Medulin will finally be operational at its location on one of the jetties in the Medulin Marina by the end of this year.

Canister filling in marinas not welcome for environmental reasons

Who needs nevertheless urgently gasoline or Diesel, can supply itself thereby only at the usual road gas stations with canisters. However, it should be clarified beforehand whether it is allowed at all in the respective marina to fill ships with fuel from canisters. Most marinas understandably reject this for environmental reasons.

Observe permitted transport quantities in passenger cars

In addition: As the ADAC announces on its homepage, it is officially not allowed to carry fuel in reserve canisters in Croatia. In Austria, Italy and Slovenia a maximum of 10 liters of gasoline or diesel may be carried in reserve canisters.

The customs also pays attention

And there is another trap lurking: anyone entering Germany is not allowed to carry more than 20 liters of fuel in a spare canister under customs law. And with the border controls expected in the coming months it could become critical. Anyone wishing to import significantly more than the usual quantities that can be transported in reserve canisters into another country (even within the EU) should first obtain information from the relevant customs office. As a rule, they can also provide information on customs regulations in the EU member states.

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