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Boredom in lockdown? Here are a few TV movies about Croatia that you must have seen

Croatia: TV, Film and Youtube
The TV reports give you an idea why Croatia is not only because of its scenic beauty, but also because of its eventful history one of the places of longing of the numerous tourists from the German-speaking countries.

Boredom in lockdown and longing for Croatia’s Adriatic Sea? We have put together a small selection of films that are as entertaining as they are interesting. From culinary and cultural topics to a critical contribution about the construction of an LNG terminal on Krk, we hope there is something for everyone. But of course SeaHelp also offers on its own Youtube-Channel many interesting pictures, which show the Croatian coast from above and can be integrated outstanding into the coming vacation planning and/or the coming trip. Sometimes, however, you should quickly watch the corresponding broadcasts, because the media libraries do not store the content indefinitely.

longing for the coastal country

Whoever wants to be transported back to the good old days should take this journey into the past in the Luxury Train to the Adriatic. All sorts of interesting facts from the time of the Habsburgs are presented in an interesting way and processed into a contribution. Anyone who has seen it will know why the Austrians in particular consider the Croatian Adriatic to be one of their places of longing. Attention: Only available until 18.12.2020 The same category applies to the contributions: “longing for the coastal land” and “The Adriatic of the Habsburgs

The taste of Istria

The good taste of Croatia undoubtedly comes from Istria. The peninsula in the north of Croatia lives culinary from its Italian influence, but in the meantime it has developed an independent direction, which cannot hide its Italian origin. But caution: When looking at it, the urgent desire can germinate to want to pay a visit to the Adriatic Sea again immediately. Similar risks and side-effects can be found in the program: Travel and food around the Mediterranean, where, of course, Mediterranean cuisine is the main focus.

Dubrovnik and the Crusaders

Not just anyone’s cup of tea is Dubrovnik. The former pearl of the Adriatic Sea has lost much of its luster since the cruise ships moored there and released whole armies of crusaders into the city. Anyone who wants to avoid this tourist overkill, which at least in pre-Corona times caused a lot of resentment among Dubrovnik connoisseurs, is well served by the film.

charter experiences in Croatia

In the article ““On the sailboat in Croatia” you get a small impression of how it is done in the charter, while the short Rijeka contribution takes a closer look at the current European Capital of Culture.

detour to Slovenia

Tourism will then once again be the focus of the program “Wonderful – Slovenia” which not only provides insights from the coast, but also pays sufficient tribute to the hinterland. Maybe after the show you will get the idea to leave the freeway for Croatia…


The influence of Italy

Italian way of life in Croatia”. The film clearly proves that not only the Austrians, but also the Italian influence has had a decisive influence on today’s Croatia.

LNG terminal on Krk under criticism

Critical is the decision to build an LNG terminal on the Island of Krk, where liquid natural gas will be landed and then transported from the cryogenic transport state of approx. minus 160 degrees and changes its aggregate state from liquid to gaseous in order to be further transported in gas pipelines.

SeaHelp Youtube channel: Croatia’s coast from above

But last but not least we also recommend the SeaHelp channel on Youtube. Under the working title “Croatia’s coast from above” has SeaHelp has published its own videos, which not only show skippers the beauty of the respective region, but can also be used to plan a cruise. And anyone who subscribes to the channel with one click will not miss a new video in the future. The SeaHelp editorial team wishes you a lot of fun and amusement in lockdown times.



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