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Cruise tip: Discover Friuli Venezia Giulia by boat

Törntipp Italien: Portopiccolo Sistiana
Nestled in an old quarry: Portopiccolo Sistiana.© PromoTurismoFVG

Just a few kilometers or nautical miles away from the usual cruising action in Croatia, Friuli Venezia Giulia is an area worth discovering right on your doorstep, where there are high-quality marinas, excellent cuisine and a fascinating culinary hinterland to discover. A look at a region that has much to offer for water sports enthusiasts and pleasure travelers.

How about exploring for a long weekend by boat once that coast where the Adriatic ends and the sea meets cliffs? There also meet the cuisine of land and sea, of Italy, the Balkans and Austria, which is why the coast around Trieste, between Muggia and Monfalcone, is characterized by refined culinary delights between land and sea, excellent wine, lots of sightseeing and a high quality of service of the marinas network FVGMarinas there. Reason enough to turn the bow from Croatia for a short vacation once north and explore Friuli-Venezia Giulia.

Porto San Rocco – popular starting point for walks and vacations in Friuli Venezia Giulia

The first marina around the last huk of Slovenia, Porto San Rocco can accommodate over 540 boats up to 60 meters in length. Upon entering the harbor, marineros like concierges escort you on inflatable boats to your berth in the opulent dock surrounded by an apartment complex. The view of Trieste, not far away, watching the large shipping with its silhouette of cranes and the Faro della Vittoria lighthouse peeking and beckoning in the distance is captivating and unusual. The marina gives a vacation feeling on the wide promenade with its numerous cafes, the rental bicycles. With them you visit the former Venetian town of Muggia, about 2 kilometers away. Around the cozy piazza, two ice cream parlors vie to be the best in the region. From here, excursions can be made into the Val Rosandra with its hiking trails.


Cruise Tip Italy: Porto San Rocco
Porto San Rocco from the air.© PromoTurismoFVG


Why go to Porto San Rocco?

A bike trip to Muggia for an evening stroll through the old town streets of once-mighty Muggia – to the two best legendary gelaterias in the Trieste area. How much is it? 10.01-11.99 in transit: €69. For boats over 15m in length, FVGMarinas has a special “stay 3, pay 2 nights” offer.

Marina San Giusto – Trieste from the front row

A short beat takes you through the bay of Muggia and past Trieste’s big breakwaters to Marina San Giusto in Trieste, just under 4 nm away. If there is a free place in the old part of the marina for boats up to 15 m, this is the best place to watch time pass by like James Joyce in the Caffè Tommaseo or in the Caffè degli Specchi directly at the Piazza Unità d’Italia with one of the coffee variations in Viennese tradition. On the Grand Canal in the Borgo Teresiano you can dream a little of Venice and in the evening get lost in the lively student life of the city.


Cruise tip Italy: Marina San Giusto in Trieste
Marina San Giusto in Trieste.© PromoTurismoFVG


Why go to the Marina San Giusto?

Just docking near Piazza Unità d’Italia, Trieste’s central historic square right on the sea, is an unforgettable highlight of any North Adriatic cruise.


Cruise tip Italy: Trieste, Piazza d'Unità
Trieste, Piazza d’Unità.© PromoTurismo FVG / Fabrice Gallina


For the Barcolana, the largest sailing regatta in the world, the marina and the otherwise free quay are traditionally occupied by the fastest racing yachts. If you want to know more about the Barcolana and the often adverse bora conditions, where Sea-Help rescuers are also challenged, just read the Sea-Help report of the last Barcolana.


Cruise tip Italy: Start of the Barcolana in front of the lighthouse Faro d
Start of the Barcolana in front of the Faro della Vittoria lighthouse.© Archivio Barcolana Studio Borleghi


You come in October to race along, but also to stroll along the waterline and cheer on the boat crews as they set sail. Moreover, from the terrace of the marina restaurant “Pier”, the view of the whole of Trieste and the sea over drinks and antipasti belongs to you and is unexpectedly much better than you would expect from such an exposed location.


Cruise tip Italy: Green asparagus on scallops
Light fish cuisine: green asparagus on scallops.© Susanne Guidera


What’s the cost?

12 m moor for 75 € a night. The marina is also a base of Sea Help.

Portopiccolo Sistiana – small but nice in an old quarry

Just under 9 nm are along one of the most beautiful stretches of coast Friuli-Venezia Giulia to Portopiccolo Sistiana. It passes Trieste’s landmark Faro della Vittoria and the foam-white Castello di Miramare. Once docked, you can really enjoy yourself here. Owners of the FVGMarinas Card, the advantage card for customers from the network, receive special conditions, e.g. 3 for 2 nights in the marina or discount on the entrance to the private beach.

In the old quarry of Portopiccolo, those seeking relaxation will find exclusivity and the best view of the Bay of Trieste in the residential complex built 5 years ago. Beach bar, spa and various restaurants make you forget that you should sail on. There are 116 places up to 35 m, of which about 10 are reserved for transit. One lies well protected at Bora. The right mix between hospitality and precision is the goal of marina manager Alberto Leghissa, who plans to install a buoy field in front of the marina this year.

Why come here?

The espresso or pizza cost a bit more than elsewhere in Italy, but are a bit fancier, and the evening stroll through the expansive grounds always offers new photo opportunities. Those wishing to clear out of Italy to return to their home berth in Croatia can do so here. There are also dinosaur excavations to visit with the kids or SUPs to rent for swimming fun.

What does it cost?

12 m about 100 € in transit.


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A cruise in the sign of pleasure sailing along the upper round of the Adriatic Sea, which, in addition to many new impressions, brought time to stroll and relax, and which allows at any time from Grado to Lignano to discover other gems along the coast of Friuli Venezia Giulia.

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