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Christmas 2020 – with few exceptions: Travel to Croatia only with subsequent quarantine

Lockdown Croatia: Travel at Christmas only with subsequent
The entire Adriatic region is effectively in lockdown because of the coronavirus, although it is not called that.

Anyone planning a trip to Croatia over Christmas can already prepare for domestic quarantine due to the Corona pandemic. On Wednesday, December 3, 2020, the Austrian Ministry of the Interior announced that from December 19, 2020 to January 10, 2021, there will be new restrictions for Austrians re-entering Austria if they have previously stayed in a state (not territory, editor’s note) with a 14-day incidence of more than 100 people infected with the corona virus per 100,000 inhabitants. This is a courageous step, because on December 2, 2020 Austria still had a 14-day incidence of 796.2 according to official figures of the European Union. For those who still want to travel, the only countries left at the moment are Iceland (55.5) and Ireland (83.8), although neither of these are obviously among the preferred travel destinations of Austrian citizens.

Ten days of quarantine – free testing after the fifth day

With this, the wish of many people to spend Christmas in Croatia may well have become impossible, because after the trip to Croatia, there are first of all ten days of quarantine due to the coronavirus, but according to current plans of the Austrian government, a free testing (PCR test) from the domestic quarantine should be possible after the 5th day of the domestic quarantine. For business travelers there should be special regulations regarding home quarantine, even if this has not yet been officially confirmed.

Austria: Transit allowed

However, transit through Austria is possible at any time, the regulation states. In order to do so, however, one must leave the country again without stopping after entry.

Croatia: Borders closely first to 15 December

But Croatia, the preferred destination of most Germans and Austrians, has also closed its borders for the time being. Up to 15 December a current (negative) Corona test, not older than 48 hours, must be submitted with the entry to Croatia.

Exceptions for business travelers

Exceptions apply only to business travelers who travel to Croatia on invitation of a Croatian company. When crossing the border the invitation must be shown, additionally a confirmation of the sending company must be attached, as the Croatian embassy communicated on request of the SeaHelp editorship. One pointed out expressly, a special regulation for foreign boat owners with OIB number (Croatian tax number), as it still existed in the spring, will not give it.

Harder measures in Croatia after 15 December

What continues to happen after 15 December in Croatia, is still in the stars. The rumor, which has not been officially confirmed, is persistent that the country will take even more drastic measures after December 15th to get a grip on the currently high COVID-19 numbers in some regions. The Croatian health system works at present on the attack, only with a hard Lockdown is the coming tourism season to be saved. This in turn is urgently needed by the strained national budget, and the tourism sector contributes about 20% of Croatia’s gross domestic product. So there could be more than a little truth behind the rumors.

Cafés and restaurants in Croatia closed

Current information from Croatia confirms however that at least in the coastal regions the Croats recognized the gravity of the situation. Restaurants and Cafés are closed. While the restaurants still offer meals to take away, the majority of the Croats can hardly get accustomed however to the Coffee ton Go, was nevertheless not the Espresso the sense of the attendance of one of the many road cafés, but only the accessories to sociable together.

Avoiding unnecessary travel at Christmas

Sense of the travel restrictions (domestic quarantine) is obviously to prevent straight the numerous journeys into the damp-happy ski vacation or at Christmas to the family living abroad in order to reduce the Coronavirus Neuinfektion further.


Reisen Weihnachten 2020: Nach Kroatien nur mit häuslicher Quara
Not only on Mali Losinj, but also on Krk the public life rests at present to a large extent. A trip to Croatia for Christmas is not announced because of the following quarantine.
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