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New tourist tax regulation for owners in force since 26 June 2020: Croatia creates significant relief for water sports enthusiasts

Croatia: Regulation of tourist tax 2020
More individual, cheaper, fairer: the new tourist tax regulation brings owners in Croatia some advantages they have been waiting for a long time.

SeaHelp has already reported on the intentions of the Croatian Ministry of Tourism to reduce the tourist tax. According to information from the Croatian Ministry of Tourism’s website, a new tourist tax ordinance 2020 has been in effect since Friday, 26.6.2020, which, according to an initial review, should result in significant relief for boat owners in Croatia. Here are the expected key data: 10 Kuna per person and night, regardless of the number of sleeping places on board, valid for boats from 7 meters length (previously 5 meters). For owners who have already paid the tourist tax, the overpaid amount for 2020 will be refundable on request or there will be a possibility to get a proportional extension in the amount of the overpayment of the period for which the tourist tax has already been paid.

Croatia: Equal treatment of water sports enthusiasts with regard to tourist tax

With this, the Ministry of Tourism obviously seems to have met the wishes that have always been burning on the minds of water sports enthusiasts in Croatia: An adjustment of the calculation of the tourist tax analogous to the tourists who spend their holidays in hotels, apartments or on campsites. SeaHelp had also repeatedly made this demand publicly, pointing out that in the past boat owners were in a much worse position than tourists in other accommodation facilities.

Proof of payment with code

As further indicated in the new regulation on the collection of the tourist tax, the fee must be paid before leaving the port. Once the tourist tax has been duly paid, owners will receive a code as confirmation, which will serve as proof of payment in the event of an inspection. The name of the boat, the amount paid and the period for which the amount was paid are also noted.

Payment systems not yet compatible

The payments can allegedly be made electronically, through the tourist offices of the respective municipality or in port offices or their branches. SeaHelp is trying to find a solution for its members that will allow them to continue to make these payments easily and in compliance with the rules of distance during the COVID 19 pandemic, as this option was previously not available to German and Austrian owners due to incompatibility of payment systems.

Croats hardly controlled so far

At least in the water sports scene, the new regulation regarding the tourist tax 2020 in Croatia has been received extremely positively in many areas, as in the past it was not only about equal treatment of all tourists, but also about equality with the local boat owners. If they are in possession of smaller boats with sleeping accommodations, they have not usually been checked up to now, and port captains only agreed to charge them the tourist tax on their own initiative. In many places, local Croats were only told that they did not have to pay tourist tax.

Implementation still unclear

However, there is still one catch: the decree of 26.6.2020 is so fresh that the associated implementation has not yet reached Croatian port captains. How it is to be handled explicitly will probably only become clear in the next few days. However, SeaHelp remains on the ball on this pressing issue and will report on future developments as soon as it is clear how the implementation will look in practice.

At SeaHelp, the fee calculator and the registration form for the tourist tax fee will be changed as soon as the implementation rules are known.

For more information about Croatia, please contact the Croatian Tourist Board.

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