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Germany: Partial Corona travel warning for Lika-Senj/Croatia Croatia-Trips to Istria and in Kvarner Bay without problems

Travel warning Croatia: Region Lika Senj of Germany to the Corona risk area explained.
Croatia's north has so far been spared from German travel warnings, but even in the southern regions most 7-day incidences are already well below 50 again. Here the travel warning should actually be lifted.

Germany extends its partial travel warning for Croatia due to increasing new infections with the Coronavirus to a further region: For the County Lika-Senj a partial travel warning was issued on 23.9.2020 by the German Foreign Office and thus declared a risk area. In addition, Slovenia is now also affected for the first time by a travel warning for the Primorsko Notranjska region, also due to increasing COVID-19 new infections. German holidaymakers who are supposed to spend their vacations here in the off-season must either go into quarantine or present a negative PCR test in accordance with the regulations of their home state when they return home from a risk area. Details can be found in the SeaHelp Special Information on Coronavirus Pandemic.

Virus not blown away by the wind

The region around Senj is especially known to water sports enthusiasts because of the strong winds that blow from Velebit down to the sea. Especially during bora, you should avoid this region as far as possible.

Also party stronghold Novalja/Pag affected

Lika-Senj County also includes the northern part of the island of Pag with the town of Novalja, which was repeatedly criticized for party tourism and the resulting spread of the corona virus during the summer months and has now been declared a risk area. However, one may also speculate about the fact whether the increased entry of the virus was not caused by Croats living in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Corona travel warning also for part of Slovenia

The German Foreign Office also warned against visits to Slovenia’s Primorsko Notranjska region because of the increasing number of new corona infections. For water sports enthusiasts, this region has hardly any relevance worth mentioning, but visits to the Postojna Cave (Adelsberg Cave) have so far been a must for visitors to the Slovenian and Croatian coastal region. Primorsko Notranjska is now also a corona risk area.

Travel warning from Germany: Slovenia - Primorsko Notranjska region classified as Corona risk area
The German Foreign Office has now also issued a corona travel warning for a Slovenian region and declared it a corona risk area.

Transit through risk areas without consequences

Importantly for all those German holiday-makers, who plan still another Croatia vacation: The transit by these Corona risk areas is naturally permitted on the country like also on the water, if one does not stay longer there. But also here we refer again to the SeaHelp special information to the topic Corona virus, in which the regulations are explicitly specified.

Istria and Kvarner Bay no risk area

The north of Croatia with Istria and the Kvarner Bay is considered unproblematic from a German point of view, as these coastal regions currently show relatively low levels of new infections with the coronavirus. German water sportsmen and holiday-makers, who still plan an excursion into the region in the autumn, might be immune also before bad surprises: The coastline from Slovenia to the Kvarner Bay has only had a low rate of new COVID-19 infections in the past, so that according to the current state of affairs, no travel warnings should be expected here.

Attention: Not all of Croatia or Slovenia risk area

Only for the sake of order is here however again expressly mentioned: Germany issued a further travel warning for an additional region, designated a further risk area and not completely Croatia as risk area proven, as in some media all too superficially one reported. The same applies also to Slovenia: Here only a small region with well 50,000 inhabitants is concerned by the travel warning, but not the coastal region around Portoroz, popular with holiday-makers.

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