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Port of Entry closed? Customs officer sometimes also in the field

In the recent past, the SeaHelp headquarters in Punat increasingly received complaints that apparently some ports of entry are closed and thus a proper entry and clearing is not possible.

SeaHelp employees researched the background of complaints and reviewed the list of POUs published on the SeaHelp home page.

They were able to find out the following: The list published there is complete. However, when skippers are standing in front of locked office doors, it is mostly due to the workload of customs employees. They are not constantly present in the service rooms, but occasionally have to take on field operations. In these cases, the port of entry itself is unoccupied during the designated service hours.

SeaHelp recommends that skippers who have a longer journey to check in or out make a phone call to inquire about the office being busy. The required telephone numbers have been added to the list. However, it should not go unmentioned to reduce the telephone demand to the absolutely necessary level, in order not to overstrain the employees’ business.

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