24/7 emergency call at sea: SeaHelp – by app or with the phone helplines always available.

SeaHelp - 24 Notruf Europa - Pannendienst auf See

SeaHelp members enjoy the protection of the constantly expanding services of the largest European nautical breakdown service, around the clock. How you can best contact in the event of a breakdown, we show you here.

SeaHelp members benefit not only from the manifold technical assistance services, but also from the competence and performance of one of the largest nautical networks, which has long been helpful to SeaHelp members not only with the small and large problems on board, but also helps when it comes to practical nautical tips, when advice is sought, or when it comes to clearing language barriers in dealing with authorities or companies abroad.

With soon nine bases in Croatia as well as a total of 19 further bases in Slovenia, on the Italian Adriatic, the German Baltic Sea, the Netherlands, on the Balearic Islands and the Costa Brava, after contacting the operations center, as a rule one of the operations boats, motorized with up to 600 hp, is always sufficiently quickly on site to provide unbureaucratic and professional assistance.

Contact to SeaHelp: possible at any time via app or with the telephone helplines

Contact is made with the SeaHelp operations center of the respective country via the SeaHelp app, which can be used to summon help in an emergency with just two clicks. The current coordinates of the victim are transmitted directly to the operations center so that no time is lost unnecessarily. The app is currently already being used on around 30,000 smartphones in the regions supported by SeaHelp.

Telephone contact is also possible at any time without any problems. The 24-hour emergency call for all of Europe can be reached at any time at 00800 112 00 112 (Attention: make sure to dial zero twice, eight once and zero twice as the area code – and not “0800”!).

With SeaHelp emergency call there are no costs – regardless of cell phone contract and network

Our 00800erter number was chosen because it is an international free service number where Sea-Help itself bears all the costs. There are no costs for members, regardless of the type of cell phone contract or network operator.

For explanation: this type of phone number is also used by many international car manufacturers as a service line. The advantage is, among other things, that only one phone number needs to be communicated throughout the EU and country-specific forwarding to different recipients can be set up.

Safe is safe: for emergencies, there is another telephone number for requesting assistance.
Alternatively, assistance can also be requested at any time via the telephone number 0043 50 43 112 – in the unlikely event that there should ever be a malfunction or the networks are overloaded.

Please note: for general information should preferably not dial the helpline, so that in case of breakdown the lines are not blocked. For this, the office is available during normal opening hours at 0043 61336272.

Download SeaHelp app:

SeaHelp app with emergency call function for Android smartphonesSeaHelp app with emergency call feature for Apple iPhone smartphones

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