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Seahelp and ACI cooperation: Become a SeaHelp member on every ACI Marina reception from now on

ACI Marina Supetarska Draga
Maritime quality in Croatia is defined by three letters: ACI (Adriatic Croatian International Club). Shortcuts from 1983. are founded by the national concern for promoting the network of nautical tourism marinas which became a public company with limited liability.

ACI makes almost half of Croatian marinas. Whoever travels the Croatian coast will encounter these marina representatives multiple times without a doubt.

Carriers of prestigious ACI cards will have extra benefits starting from the 2019 season, in terms of nautical services: SeaHelp Nautical Roadside Assistance will secure 50% discount on all SeaHelp services (once a year, except for memberships) through partnership with ACI, even if they’re not SeaHelp members.

Owners who want to enjoy the full SeaHelp service can now secure a SeaHelp package in the shape of owner memberships on every ACI Marina receptions. That can surely be valuable, because SeaHelp doesn’t only offer a wide array of services, but an attractive benefit program which will compensate additional costs for the membership.

It is especially interesting: the SeaHelp app for mobile phones (iOS and Android) through which a call for help is made with only two moves. Coordinates of the current vessel location are transferred along with all the other data also which secures a precise and fast help intervention from SeaHelp.

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