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SeaHelp operations in Croatia are increasing: Boat owners apply for almost 40% more permits/vignettes than last year.

SeaHelp service anchor ropes free for members: Anchor gets caught in mooring chain
Under water you can see the problem: The anchor was caught in the mooring chain, a dive freed the sailing yacht and owner from the predicament.

The situation in the nautical sector in Croatia seems to be developing much more positively than it is commonly portrayed in public: The SeaHelp rescue boats already had to go out again before Easter to provide assistance to skippers and are currently recording more missions day by day. This “perceived, subjective impression” of increased activity on the water is also confirmed by the figures published by the Croatian Ministry of the Navy. According to these, permit registrations and permit renewals in the period from 1.1.2021 to 7. 4. 2021 increased by almost 40% compared to the same period last year (2020). A clear statement from boat owners who consider Croatia, especially water sports in Croatia, a safe destination.

Permit: Significant increase in applications

If by April 7, 2020, a total of 1466 owners had applied for the permit (vignette), by April 7, 2021, there were already 2020 owners who made their yacht, or boat ready for departure. The increase is exactly 37.79%. A large part of them obviously already stayed in Croatia during this time, since the permit must be applied for at the port captain. Alternatively, however, there is still the possibility to apply for or extend the Permit via SeaHelp cooperation partner Mandinus d.o.o., which saves time and the owner avoids unnecessary contacts at the port captain and banks, as an application online is currently not yet possible for Germans and Austrians.

Owners want to their yachts

These resilient numbers are in line with the experience SeaHelp responders have gained over the past few months. Obviously, more and more owners from Austria and Germany are drawn to the Adriatic to winterize their yachts and boats and prepare them technically for a first trip.

Busy activity in Croatian marinas

If you take a look at the Croatian marinas from Istria to Dubrovnik, you will notice lively activity. Not only the local mechanics, but also many owners themselves are already on site and, after the rather changeable weather around the Easter holidays, are taking advantage of the first warming rays of sunshine as a harbinger of early summer to do some work on their yachts and boats themselves.

Number of SeaHelp deployments increases

Of course, these activities are also reflected in the mission reports of the SeaHelp operations center: hardly a day goes by when the “Yellow Angels of the Adriatic” don’t have to go out to help, because more skippers on the water inevitably means more missions.

Lines in the propeller and launching assistance main reasons for deployments

In addition to salvage, numerous deployments had a “classic” background: lines in the propeller, starting assistance after battery problems or anchors caught on moorings. This was also the case in Bobovišće on the coast of the island of Brač, where the anchor of a sailing yacht could not be dissuaded from being caught with one of the mooring chains to form an inseparable symbiosis for the skipper. Thus “chained” in the truest sense of the word, there was nothing left to do but to ask a SeaHelp rescue boat for help.

Sometimes only the diver helps

They immediately realized: the problem can only be solved by a diver. Since the Adriatic Sea was not yet at a perfect bathing temperature at this time of year, a wetsuit was the best way to protect themselves from the cold. After a short time and a refreshing swim in the bay of Bobovišće, SeaHelp staff solved the problem, and the obviously delighted skipper could continue his trip.


Happy SeaHelp member: Quick help, anchor freed from mooring chain.
Daumen hoch für den SeaHelp-Einsatz. Der Anker der Segelyacht wurde erfolgreich durch einen Tauchereinsatz von der Mooringkette befreit.


Diving for anchor free benefit in premium membership

With this in mind, SeaHelp once again points out: Diving for anchors caught on the seabed is one of the free services included with Premium Membership. Since such operations have been occurring more frequently recently, members who have not yet upgraded to “Premium” should consider such additional protection.

SeaHelp app for all skippers

In general, however, we recommend that everyone, member and non-member alike, install the SeaHelp app on their smartphone. Then, in the event of an emergency, the rescue boat will arrive safely at the site of the accident, because when the call for help is received via the app, the coordinates of the site of the accident are transmitted at the same time, so that no unnecessary time is wasted searching.


Permit / Vignette first quarter 40% more than in previous year
Free at last – A SeaHelp diver freed the anchor from the mooring chain, after which the sailing yacht was able to continue its journey.
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