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By popular request of SeaHelp members and interested parties: Now permit matters and visitor’s tax can be conveniently paid online via SeaHelp

SeaHelp Service: Apply for permit / vignette and visitor's tax online
Simply and easily have your visitor's tax and permit extension done online via SeaHelp for a small fee - that saves time and is easy on the nerves.
The SeaHelp campaign in Croatia to apply for the vignette from the port captain online in advance met with a great response, especially in times of the corona pandemic and the associated requirement to keep a distance and avoid crowds of people as far as possible. However, the wish was at least as great that the payment of the necessary visitor's tax should also be taken care of on this occasion. For this, extensive prerequisites had to be created, which have now been implemented. From now on, members (at special rates) and interested parties can have the tiresome "paperwork", i.e. the cumbersome payment of permit fees and visitor's tax, conveniently handled by SeaHelp for a fee.

Long waiting times with the harbour captain

The first members are already reporting long waiting times for the port captain and for deposits at the respective post offices. Thereby it comes again and again almost inevitably to injuries of the distance rules because of long waiting periods. At the same time, due to the strong rush of numerous owners, who naturally want to get the tiresome procedure over with as quickly as possible, the hygiene rules are not to be observed despite all efforts.

Permit and visitor’s tax payment via SeaHelp online

For this reason, SeaHelp has extended the payment of the permit to include the additional payment of visitor’s tax. A SeaHelp spokesperson: “This saves long waiting times. Some members have recently reported that it took between four and eight hours to pay the fees”. Since many, sometimes justifiably impatient, owners are expected in the coming weeks and want to get out on the water as quickly as possible, the breakdown service has decided to take this measure.

Protection against infection: Maintain distance rules

In general, the “fee marathon” looks as follows: Queue up in front of the harbour captain’s office to receive the transfer slips for visitor’s tax and permit. Then it goes on to the post office or bank, where after another queue the transfer is to be done. And finally back to the harbour captain, of course back in line again until everything is done. Exactly these ways you can save yourself now for a small handling fee.

Upgrade is worth it

To the boat registration for Permit / Vignette CroatiaGo to Boat Registration for Permit / Vignette CroatiaOur new, hopefully clear form shows users who already have a SeaHelp membership in the form of a Standard Pass the savings made when upgrading to a Smart Pass or Premium Pass before signing the contract.

The special promotion ends on July 15, 2020.

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