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Traffic jams on entry into Croatia should soon disappear: Croatia wants to create online platform for pre-registration of tourists

Current traffic jams at the border crossings
If everyone makes it a little easier for the border guards when entering Croatia, the waiting time for everyone will be shortened.
Traffic jams and waiting times: Last week Croatia recorded 136,000 border crossings by foreign citizens and the entry of about 150,000 Croatian citizens, according to the Croatian Minister of the Interior Davor Božinović This means that the control system with which every person entering Croatia was registered has obviously reached its limits. After all, the border police employees had to record the name, telephone number and place of residence in writing upon entry. Some SeaHelp members reported that the process took up to 15 minutes and caused long traffic jams with hours of waiting at the borders when entering Croatia.

Pre-registration at home PC

The Croatian Minister of Tourism, Gari Cappelli, now wants to remedy this situation. From 28 May 2020, travellers to Croatia will be able to register for entry conveniently from their home PC, so that the relevant data is already available when crossing the border and does not have to be laboriously compiled from a wide variety of documents and entered into the database.

No long waiting times on entry

Gari Cappelli told the Croatian media: “The tourists will no longer have to wait at the border. They will give their details in advance, where they are going and so on, including their ID number, and so they will be guided quickly through the border crossings.

Something should happen there, if possible before Whitsun, because Croatia is already now again considered a popular holiday destination. According to the Minister of the Interior Davor Božinović, Croatia is “the only country with traffic jams at the border crossings”. Understandably, one would like to change this circumstance as quickly as possible, without losing track of entries in times of the COVID 19 pandemic.

Accelerate entry already now

However, as SeaHelp can only confirm, Internet-based registrations often take more time than desired to become fully functional, so those entering Croatia can help speed up the process at the border. The idea for this came from a SeaHelp member whose yacht is based in the Novigrad Marina and which we are happy to pass on in this way.

A simple, legible piece of paper filled out in block letters with the most important information about all travellers, such as home address, mobile phone numbers, destination (with the address of the marina, campsite, apartment or hotel and their phone numbers) can make the check-in at the border much easier. In addition, the necessary documents, i.e. passport or ID card, invoice for accommodation, voucher, berth contract of the marina, sea letter or international boat licence should be available before the check, so that you do not have to search for them when asked during the entry check.

Proposal came from SeaHelp member

If at least the majority of those entering the country prepare for the border crossing from Slovenia to Croatia by the time an Internet-based entry declaration is prepared, this should significantly reduce waiting times at the borders. By the way: some travellers on their way to Croatia report that these documents are already required at the Austrian-Slovenian border to ensure that entry to Croatia is guaranteed.

Traffic jams at Whitsun

Since especially over Whitsuntide there will be an increased traffic volume and the associated waiting times on entry into Croatia, everyone can make their contribution to ensure that border controls run as quickly and smoothly as possible.

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