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Look at the member list: The top 20 boat names of SeaHelp members

SeaHelp: Top 20 boat names of our members
If you walk through the individual marinas, you will be amazed by the different boat names - from standard to imaginative to provocative. But some boat names can be seen in every marina.

Anyone who walks across the jetties of marinas will notice that many owners lack the necessary creativity when it comes to boat names. The situation is different with human beings than with boat names. The naming of a child has probably already pushed many a young marriage to the limit of its capacity, until the (loosely based on Efraim Kishon) “best of all wives” finally prevailed.

The choice of the boat name seems to have been a little more male diplomacy. Partly because a yacht with the meaningful name “Never again Gaby” is said to have moored in Grömitz on the German Baltic Sea. This kind of offensive coming to terms with the past probably caused many a wet and happy evening in the circle of the other owners, because there was obviously a need for explanation.

member file searched

SeaHelp once took the trouble to search the member file for the most common boat names. However, the results suggest that the owners are not very imaginative, and in most cases they don’t seem to care about the name. In the end it’s more the inner values that count for them instead of the neatly pasted names.

Luna before Carpe Diem

Therefore it is not surprising, a total of 310 times the name “Luna” in the extensive SeaHelp member file. After the top four-letter leader – where the foiling process was probably particularly inexpensive – comes the name “Carpe Diem“, which should be familiar even to those who dropped Latin at school early on. Seize the day, here is the boat name for sure.


SeaHelp members: boat names TOP 10


boat names: Many matches

If the Latin term still seems too profane to you, you might choose the meaningful name Calypso (217 owners), whereby it remained open whether the figure from Greek mythology, the preferred music style or one of the moons of Saturn was meant. The fourth place in the SeaHelp ranking of boat names with 204 hits went to Sunshine, whereby here probably the wish was the father of the thought – after all, one naturally wishes for constant sunshine on every trip.

Follow in the further ranks Delphin (196), Aurora (186), Nemo (173), Black Pearl (169), Lisa (165), Joy (162), Sunny (152), Sunrise (146), Orca (142), Pegasus (136), Blue Pearl (112), Bella (103), Spirit (94), Fortuna (93), Relax (82), White Pearl (78).


SeaHelp members: boat names TOP 20


Sends us pictures with extraordinary names

But what is the most important motto of the writing guild: Dog bites man is not worth a line in the newspaper, man bites dog – a story can easily be put together from this. Therefore our request to all those who come across a man-bites-dog name like “Never again Gaby” in the marina: Take a picture and post it on the SeaHelp Facebook page so that the whole SeaHelp community can benefit. And if the owner of the name has a certain need to share, please include the reason. Life is serious enough in itself, so a little smile in the form of an unusual boat name can bring a smile to your face. Therefore: Keep your eyes open.

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