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Charter yachts

Croatians are the world‘s champions when it comes to leasing yachts. According to the Croatian internet portal Pomorac, ”sailor‟ in English, each year about half a million charter guests are coming to Croatia in order to discover the Croatian coastline by one of the 4,378 charter yachts and charter boats. This is corresponding to a share of about 40% of...

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Restaurant Masarine, Premuda

It is nearly impossible for pleasure seekers to leave Premuda island, just less than ten square kilometres large, on port or starboard as at the Restaurant Masarine, an inside tip in skipper circles, very special delicacies are literally waiting for hungry seafarers: Naturally, freshly caught fish is being served, but as well pork, beef, sheep and goat meat, as well...

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Kaprije Island Croatia

Kaprije island, located more or less at the altitude of Sibenik, got its name from the vast population of caper plants, Kaprije in Croatian. Two harbours or marinas, respectively, though this term seems a bit exaggerated for the landing stage Kaprije Ostrica, facing the mainland, invite skippers to visit the island.

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National Park Kornati

Finally, prices for anchoring in the Croatian national parks for 2019 are available. Skippers’ special interest, though, will probably be directed to the pleasantly moderate modified price list for the Kornati National Park as, apart from partly significant reductions of accomodation prices in the Kornati National Park for larger ships, most konobas are offering their jetties at quite a favourable...

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Storm Croatia - motor boat damaged

The last thunderstorm, which swept across the Croatian coast from Istria to Dalmatia on Sunday evening, 7 July 2019, was not necessarily marked by record wind speeds in many regions, but came literally out of the blue. A skipper who was right in the middle of the action: "There was the best bathing weather, suddenly we heard a roll of...

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