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Charter yachts

Croatians are the world‘s champions when it comes to leasing yachts. According to the Croatian internet portal Pomorac, ”sailor‟ in English, each year about half a million charter guests are coming to Croatia in order to discover the Croatian coastline by one of the 4,378 charter yachts and charter boats. This is corresponding to a share of about 40% of...

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Restaurant Masarine, Premuda

It is nearly impossible for pleasure seekers to leave Premuda island, just less than ten square kilometres large, on port or starboard as at the Restaurant Masarine, an inside tip in skipper circles, very special delicacies are literally waiting for hungry seafarers: Naturally, freshly caught fish is being served, but as well pork, beef, sheep and goat meat, as well...

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Yacht stranded

The Croatian coastline is 1,777 kilometres long and adding the 1,185 islands, it totals to more than 6,000 kilometres of coastline, according to official measurements. Even relatively unexperienced skippers should be aware that, especially during the summer months, severe local storms might approach all of a sudden, in no way predictable when watching the daily weather report in the morning....

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Kaprije Island Croatia

Kaprije island, located more or less at the altitude of Sibenik, got its name from the vast population of caper plants, Kaprije in Croatian. Two harbours or marinas, respectively, though this term seems a bit exaggerated for the landing stage Kaprije Ostrica, facing the mainland, invite skippers to visit the island.

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What does actually happen, if you send out the DJI Mavic 2 Pro with its Hasselblad optics for shooting photos? In fact, the little drone will return with shots that you would not think it would be capable of taking! SeaHelp has tested it and the result even surprised experienced professional photographers. Conclusion: The Mavic 2 Pro can not only...

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