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The completely “corona-free” message: Only few damages caused by the first autumn storms in Croatia

Adriatic storms (Italy, Slovenia, Croatia): squalls up to 122km/h, waves up to six meters
First storms in the area of the northern Adriatic herald the end of summer in Croatia, Slovenia and Italy.

The transition from late summer to autumn always brings surprises throughout the Adriatic region in the form of sudden storms with heavy rain, storm, lightning and thunder. Also on the last weekend, October 3, 2020, summer said goodbye with a bang: thunderstorms, rain and a strong Jugo pushed the waters of the Mediterranean Sea to the north. Lignano reported the usual floods, but in Istria and Dalmatia the damage was limited. Especially for German vacationers, who had made their way to the north of Croatia at the beginning of the autumn vacations, the weather capers offered a not very pleasant reception.


Adriatic storms: Lignano Italy reports flooding
In Lignano, too, the flood once again flooded the parking lots.


Adriatic storm: gusts up to 122 km/h, waves up to six meters

But this is set to change again soon. The Croatian media still reported about waves up to six meters high in Dalmatia, in Istria some streets were flooded and trees uprooted, but that was it. Istramet reported wind peaks in the Labin area of 122 km/h, near Palagruza up to 109 km/h were reported and the Zadar region had to withstand strong winds in gusts of up to 105 km/h.

Ferry service interrupted

As a precautionary measure, some ferry lines interrupted their operations, road sections had to be closed due to the strong gusts of wind and the danger of flooding. Obviously the precautionary measures were effective, no significant damage was reported.

At once: Best sailing weather

For the coming week, the weather forecasters have announced for the regions of the northern Adriatic a mixed weather with many sunny spells, so that Adriatic vacationers can still experience the last rebellion of last summer. However, there is usually a light wind, so sailors and surfers should get their money’s worth.

SeaHelp: Few missions

At SeaHelp headquarters in Punat, the weather last Friday and Saturday was quite relaxed: The few water sportsmen, who are still in Northern Italy, Slovenia and Croatia at present, spent the two neuralgic days obviously in safe harbors. “The action was at a level that is usual for this time of year, and there were hardly any special incidents,” was the statement from the SeaHelp Operations Center.

Perfect conditions in marinas

Even if at present clearly fewer Skipper on the Adria are on the way – SeaHelp maintains the readiness around the clock naturally further. Vieler charter crews, which had booked actually for the spring, but could not start the planned trip for well-known reasons, had transferred to the autumn. In particular guests from Germany, which do not have to fear any restrictions, seem to use at present in unusual situation in Croatia: No crowd in the Marinas, the attention of the distance and hygiene rules falls clearly more easily than in the large cities at home.

sailors know the weather conditions

A sailing crew in the Marina Pomer: “We come from the Stuttgart region and sail regularly in Croatia. We are aware that at the end of September, beginning of October there can be a heavy storm. But the one or other day you can stand it also here in the Marina well”.


Adriatic storms - Croatia Istria: Sailors seek shelter in the ACI Marina Pomer
In the ACI Marina Pomer the first charter crews have returned early.
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