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With special permission, more likely… Italy wants to allow entry again for all EU citizens from 3 June 2020

Entry into Italy for good reason already rather possible

Italy wants to open its borders to all EU citizens and allow tourists back into the country from 3 June if the situation changes again because of the COVID-19 pandemic. However, a glance at the calendar clouds the joy: June 3rd is the Wednesday after Pentecost, which means that many yacht owners and SeaHelp members, whose ships are mainly based in Lignano in northern Italy, will literally lose their Pentecost holiday in Italy.

Italy to lift restrictions

SeaHelp asked the Italian embassy in Berlin once again whether the statements made by Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte on opening the border and the intended removal of entry restrictions to Italy would actually be implemented, in view of the fact that these statements had been spread through numerous media.

There it was said that on 3 June the borders will be opened for EU citizens to enter the country and that the restrictions between the individual regions will also be lifted due to the COVID-19 pandemic caused by SARS-CoV-2. However, restrictions were imposed: entry into Italy is only possible if the risk of infection continues to develop positively.

Pentecost entry is possible with good reason

However, if you are planning to visit your yacht in Lignano at Whitsun and can show a good reason for doing so, you are free to submit a written application to the border station (with your own declaration / addresses see below), through which you plan to enter Italy. Whoever can present such a reason and can also give a conclusive reason can already enter on the Saturday of Pentecost without having to go into quarantine.

SeaHelp members who are already in Lignano report that the reply is usually received relatively quickly and in most cases the response is positive. Nevertheless, one should take the necessary effort in explaining why one absolutely wants to enter Italy. Holidays as an argument or the mere possession of a yacht with a berth in Italy is probably not enough, so they said.

Written inquiry to the border police

If the positive confirmation comes from the border police by e-mail, it is initially valid for 72 hours, i.e. three days. If necessary, it can be extended on the spot without bureaucratic effort by another 48 hours, thus securing the stay for five days. Exactly then, however, in all probability, the restrictions will generally cease to apply.

The Italian embassy confirmed that the written authorisation by the border police also includes travel to the place of stay under the special restrictions of the COVID-19 pandemic.

So anyone who can claim a valid reason for entering Italy has the possibility to start on the Saturday before Whitsun. Then, after the necessary plans have been completed on site, there is the possibility of having a few more days’ holiday behind after the restrictions have been lifted.

Such a solution is especially interesting for owners coming from Bavaria who want to use the extended Whitsun holidays for a stay in Adria. After all, the Pentecost holidays in Germany’s southern federal state are scheduled from 2.6. to 12.6.

Entry Italy from June ahead. possible again
From 3 June, the borders with Italy are to be open again. For good reason for some travellers even earlier. At the moment there are reports of decreasing control activity at the Italian border

First owners from EU countries already in Lignano

The SeaHelp base in Lignano also confirmed that owners from Germany and Austria are apparently already staying there with written permission from the border stations. They reported that they had no problems applying for the special permit and entering the country without any problems, in some cases without any controls at the Italian border.

It should be noted that this contribution is not intended to undermine the legitimate actions of the Italian authorities. However, since in the past few days, more and more owners have turned to SeaHelp for help with urgent matters concerning their boat or marina, we would like to take this opportunity to point out the possibility of entering the country at short notice if the official entry date of June 3rd is not sufficient. And the decision which will then be taken is ultimately at the discretion of the respective border stations where the border crossing is planned.

Link to the application form

Coronavirus: situation in Italy
Form: Self-declaration for entry for good reason

Here are the contact details for entry inquiries:

Telefono: +39 031 533911
Fax: +39 031 533966

Telefono: +39 0472 635311
Fax: +39 0472 635321

Telefono: +39 0428 412411

Quarantine Austria

By the way: As far as the quarantine regulations for Austria on the return journey are concerned, which are controversially discussed in the social networks: As of today (26.5.2020, 15.30 h), the provision that the so-called Quarantine Regulation (entire legal regulation for measures on entry from neighbouring countries, version of 26.5.2020, editor’s note) shall cease to apply with effect from 31.5. in accordance with § 6, para. 2. Should the situation change, we will inform about it here promptly, but of course everyone who is planning a trip has the possibility to inform himself here under the link.


Update regarding quarantine on return journey to Austria:

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