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Fewer coronavirus infections in Croatia: There are many indications that the border will be partially opened on May 18, 2020

Possible opening of the border to Croatia, less coronavirus infections
Soon the borders to Croatia could be opened again for water sports tourists.
When will the borders and marinas reopen after the Corona pandemic? This question probably occupies most boat owners whose yachts are moored in the many marinas along the Croatian Adriatic coast. SeaHelp's editorial team is trying to summarize the extensive news, both from official sources, the media and local impressions, to communicate "water level reports" from time to time. And that's where things don't look so bad for holidaymakers from 18 May 2020. For example, Prime Minister Andrej Plenković announced a few days ago that he had instructed the ministries to set priorities as to which measures would serve economic growth and also make the daily lives of citizens easier.

Prompt decision

“We will be informed about this next week”, commented Krunoslav Capak on the further steps of the Croatian government. Then epidemiologists will have addressed their recommendations for further steps out of the lockdown to the responsible government representatives. And since economic issues are once again increasingly in the focus of political actors, the economic factor tourism should also be meant.

Depending on the situation in other countries

The head of the Croatian Institute of Public Health, Krunoslav Capak, also stated last Thursday that in view of the coronavirus pandemic, special measures for hotels and tourists would be introduced for this year’s tourist season. “If the situation in other countries changes, foreign tourists may be allowed to come…”, he said at a regular press conference on the coronavirus situation in Croatia with regard to the current tourist situation in the country.

Water sports enthusiasts first to return to Croatia?

What does this suggest? As things stand at present, water sports tourism in particular is likely to be one of the first areas to open up again, as it is well known that even in marinas the necessary minimum distance is guaranteed on ships. As far as the restaurants are concerned, when they reopen, hygienic measures should be strengthened and, in order to comply with the rules on distance, the number of guests should possibly be reduced on the basis of the available floor space. These are all measures that you can make friends with, that you know from other countries and that you are sure to think about when you are in Croatia officially.

Borders could open from 18 May

Even if one should hold back with speculations in times of the corona virus, the SeaHelp editorial staff dares to take a look into the crystal ball: If the situation does not change fundamentally, the entry restrictions, which officially exist at present until May 18th, will be relaxed at least for tourists from certain nations such as Austria or Germany. One can cautiously assume that yacht owners and tourists who have booked apartments will be the first to be let back into the country, provided they come from regions that have at least half overcome the crisis.

No new coronavirus infections in Istria

There is no other way to convey this to the Croatian population, which is already suffering from the loss of income from tourism. After all, according to official reports, there have been no reported new infections in Istria for more than a week, and the e-passports within the counties are no longer required. So slowly but surely, the way is going back to normality.

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