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Cruise South Dalmatia by yacht: Old Town of Dubrovnik

For those who have only one week and want to see and experience as much as possible with their own or chartered yacht in these seven days, South Dalmatia is the right place: around Dubrovnik, the center of the region, there are anchorages close to nature, modern marinas, cozy konobas on the water and lots of nature, often only half-day...

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Cruise tip Montenegro with the yacht

Montenegro is increasingly becoming a popular destination for yacht owners on the Adriatic. More and more guests discover the country south of Croatia for their summer vacation, whether for charter, for discovery cruises with their own yacht, to spend a bathing or relaxation vacation or to explore the Mediterranean cities as well as the picturesque hinterland.. Montenegro - as a...

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Shopping by dinghy: bay with anchored yachts

Many owners of larger yachts know the problem: for shopping you come with the yacht often not close enough to land to be able to bunker for the next few days, whether because of lack of space, lack of mooring infrastructure on land or because it is simply too flat on the shore. But why do you have a dinghy...

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Anchoring: 10 tips for the perfect anchor maneuver | anchor chain on the bow of the yacht

The goal of the trip is clear: an anchorage in a sheltered bay, in the first row, directly in front of the beach. Turquoise water and only a gentle swell that makes the yacht rock gently. SeaHelp has compiled ten tips for safe, successful anchoring. 1. Select anchorage Sea charts and area guides reveal pretty much exactly where the most...

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