Trip tip: Montenegro with your own yacht

Cruise tip Montenegro with the yacht

Montenegro is increasingly becoming a popular destination for yacht owners on the Adriatic. More and more guests discover the country south of Croatia for their summer vacation, whether for charter, for discovery cruises with their own yacht, to spend a bathing or relaxation vacation or to explore the Mediterranean cities as well as the picturesque hinterland..

Montenegro – as a vacation destination still an insider tip – is one of the big winners of the past seasons. An optimized flight offer with non-stop connections from four German airports to Tivat or Podgorica (in post-Corona times) as well as the expanded hotel portfolio make the journey and the stay more comfortable than ever before.


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An old Montenegrin legend says: “Once upon a time there was the Fairy of the Mountains and the Fairy of the Sea. The two were actually siblings, but for a long time they knew nothing about each other. One day they were given the task of forming a magic stone that would combine their respective arts. They were to meet at a very specific place on the Montenegrin coast and unite their stones there – in this way an incomparably beautiful landscape was to be created: Luštica Bay.

Lustica Bay: shelter behind the two-part stone breakwater

A total of 176 boats and yachts up to a maximum of 35 meters (115 ft.) in length will be accommodated by the Lustica Bay Marina when it is completed. A second marina is already being planned. It is to be realized in the next few years and will accommodate up to 50 yachts of various sizes. The Chedi is the first resort of the completely redesigned residential and vacation resort Luštica Bay. In addition to several other hotels and the two marinas, it will be followed by an 18-hole golf course and a variety of dining, conference, shopping, wellness and leisure facilities.


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In addition, the marina offers various rental options, 24-hour assistance and a friendly, multilingual service team, as well as excellent protection should the wind ever blow stronger: behind the massive, two-part stone pier, the yachts are always safe, of which the SeaHelp editors were able to see for themselves during our last visit.


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In places like Kotor or Budva, Montenegrin dolce vita is lived

Montenegro has a lot to offer for yacht owners and recreation seekers: a total of 117 beaches lie along the coast. A spectacular highlight is the fjord-like Bay of Kotor. Picturesque towns such as Kotor or Budva, where the Montenegrin dolce vita is lived in the squares, restaurants and bars until the early hours of the morning, offer variety. And in the hinterland, Montenegro shows its wild side: the Tara Gorge is the deepest canyon in Europe.


Cruise tip Montenegro with the yacht


In general: if you want to enter the new marina Luštica Bay with your yacht, and you come from Croatian waters, you should clear out in Cavtat before. Attention: after clearing out, the Croatian peninsula Molunat should only be approached in case of emergency. Normally you should clear in at Zelenika east of Herceg-Novi in Montenegro. The same applies in reverse: after leaving Montenegro, Molunat may not be approached directly; first, clearance must be made in Cavtat.

Coming from Lustica Bay Marina, we sail clockwise around the Lustica peninsula

If you start your Montenegro cruise in the new Lustica Bay in the southeast of the peninsula of the same name, you can then sail around it clockwise, passing Boka Kotorska. The maximum speed here is 12 knots.

Mooring possibilities are about the same in Hercegnovski Bay north in the city harbor of Herceg-Novi or on the opposite, southern side of the bay in Rose, where there are blue mooring buoys for larger yachts and red buoys for smaller boats. Attention: at the piers you should not go alongside, here there is a risk of wave impact from passing boats.

If you continue eastward, you will reach the bay of Tivat, leaving the port of Zelenika on your port side. Right at the entrance to the bay, on the left side, there is the marina Portonovi, which is also new and offers all important services for yacht owners for boats up to 120 meters in length. The following applies to the narrows near Kumbor: here you should sail at a maximum speed of 8 knots.


Cruise tip Montenegro with the yacht


Porto Montenegro lures with exclusivity and mooring options up to 150 meters

On the eastern shore of the bay, right next to Tivat with its pretty harbor edge, cafes and restaurants right on the water, lies in a southerly direction the also new Porto Montenegro, a small town in its own right, and at the same time a luxury marina for yachts up to 150 meters in length. If it is too exclusive for you here, you can continue a little further south and reach the Kaliman Marina with ten jetties and a pier.



Heading north from here, passing Prolaz Verige, a narrowing point between mountain massifs, the crew reaches the picturesque Gospa od ‘Skrpjela, the island of “Mary of the Rock” with its pretty church in Morinjski Bay; those who wish can make a short stop at the jetty to the south of the island. There is also a speed limit of 8 knots for the passage of Prolaz Verige.




North of here, in Risanski Bay, the small port of Risan invites you to stop, but without service. On the other, eastern side of the large M-shaped bay, you can reach the marina Prcani, which is located on the right side of Kotorski Bay, and to which a small hotel belongs. An alternative is the jetty in Ljuta, located to the northeast, where the exclusive Stari Mini restaurant is also located.

Highlight of the cruise is a side trip to the medieval town of Kotor

From here it is only a few minutes to the medieval old town of Kotor in the far southeast of the bay near the mountain massif Lovćen and its limestone cliffs. With its winding streets and squares, Kotor is an inviting place for a long walk during the day and a visit to a restaurant in the evening.

Several Romanesque churches, such as Saint Tryphon’s Cathedral, invite a visit, as does the worthwhile Maritime Museum, which tells of the city’s rich maritime history, and a winding staircase carved into the stone leads far up the mountain, from which there is a great view of the old town and bay. If you’re considering going alongside the quay just outside the city walls, be sure to consult the port office beforehand and reserve a spot at


Cruise tip Montenegro with the yacht
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