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ACI Marina Supetarska Draga: A place full of history and a smashing restaurant

Marina Supetarska Draga
Currently, the ACI-Marina Supetarska Draga disposes of 328 berths and 35 boat places on land. A reception desk, a restaurant, a small market, a launderette and a shipyard with a hoisting crane (10 tons) complete the offer of the ACI Marina Supetarska Draga. A petrol station can be found at about 11 nautic miles away near the ACI Marina Rab.

And it is really always worthwhile to explore the place. The name Supetarska Draga derives from the church of St. Peter, which was built in the 11th century and has not undergone any major changes until today. And, if ancient traditions are to be believed, it is the only Roman church on the Adriatic, that has been continuously used for service for more than 900 years. Experts even assume, that the church was built on the foundations of an Early Christian basilica.

But there are more sights to be discovered, in particular a nature nearly untouched as well as numerous pebble and sand beaches that are waiting onshore for the the visitors of this child-friendly marina.

A SeaHelp insider tip, but not just for insiders anymore, though: Alone for a visit to the Restaurant Vojko mooring in the Marina Supetarska Draga is more than worth it. The family running the restaurant Vojko has been doing this extremely successfully for more than twenty years now. Our opinion: If you are able to pamper your clients during such a long time – and have them all satisfied – you definitely sell high quality products as so many visitors enjoying their meal year after year at the Vojko, cannot be mistaken. During the summer season, the restaurant’s terrace with its 150 seats is normally bursting to the seams, in spring and autumn the locals are using it for their family parties. Now, what to eat there? Well, simply everything! Be it meat, fish, starters or desserts – at the Vojko you literally feel that every dish is prepared with lots of love and expertise. A satisfied guest put it in a nutshell: ”The food is absolutely smashing‟. And there is nothing more to say about that …

SeaHelp travel guide ACI Marina Supetarska Draga:

SeaHelp travel guide Supetarska Draga:

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