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The current coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 situation in Italy Reassessment of the situation after the May holidays

Coronavirus Italy: Marina Lignano, all boats in port.
At the moment there is calm in the marinas in the Lignano area, because the Italian authorities are strictly controlling and severely sanctioning
At Easter the weather at the Adriatic Sea will be as beautiful as it hasn't been for a long time - Lignano reported 28 degrees on Maundy Thursday. Only, the best travel weather is of no use if you cannot travel yet because of the corona virus. SeaHelp spoke with Cantieri d'Aprilia's technical director Davide Muser and SeaHelp staff about the situation in the northern Adriatic, especially the region around Lignano, which is especially popular with Germans and Austrians.

Lignano: Boats safely in port

Davide Muser sees the situation quite pragmatically: “In April, it still looks like winter in our country!” The marina is absolutely empty, offices and shops are closed, only the staff is looking after the boats, both in the water and on land. “The vast majority of our guests understand the situation and are even happy to know that their property is in good hands,” explains Muser.

Early May Reassessment of the situation

What happens next? That’s what he thinks is in the stars. The Italian Government is trying to curb the Italian population’s traditionally high desire to travel at Easter and on 1 May to prevent or reduce the further spread of the corona virus SARS-CoV-2. After 2 May, the situation in Italy should be reassessed, according to Davide Muser. With what result, however, depends on the figures.

Quarantine because of coronavirus SARS-CoV-2

Incidentally, anyone who wanted to could certainly travel to Italy: “14 days quarantine in Italy, and on return another 14 days quarantine in Germany or Austria – this is what you are told at the border”, Muser continues. And it wouldn’t really be worth it for anyone, because the boats are not allowed to leave the marina. And life in Italy is far from “dolce vita”.

High fines for infringements

A SeaHelp employee describes the procedure for shopping: “In the omnipresent police checks, show a letter of authorization with the destination and reason for the trip. If you are going shopping, even the receipt must be kept, because checks can also be made on the way back or later at home.

Violations will be severely punished: There are reports of two people who met on the beach for a glass of wine they had brought themselves and were caught by the police: The fine for each was 280 euros. And a good 500 euros had to be paid by an owner who was working on his ship.

In Lignano, one seems to be prepared for the start of the water sports season, even if it is a little delayed. Davide Muser: “The marina and all the staff are ready for our guests, the season can start anytime, we are prepared”.

Marinas in Lignano ready for a new start

However, when talking to other stakeholders, the principle of hope exists everywhere that the measures will slowly be lifted and Italy will gradually return to normality. After 2 May at the latest, it is said behind closed doors, even if nobody wants to make a final commitment.

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