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Croatia vacation in the off-season: Statistically very low risk of infection for all skippers

Croatia vacation: Corona, Covid-19 risk
Who spends its vacation normally, thus without party and the attendance of large crowd of people in Croatia to spend, a relatively small risk enters to get sick at Corona. That applies in particular to the off-season and completely particularly also to water sportsmen.

Can one still travel as holiday-makers to Croatia without hesitation despite COVID-19 and a travel warning for the regions Split and Sibenik? This question probably places itself at present many holiday-makers, who consider in view of European-wide rising COVID 19 numbers still, so a journey to the Croatian Adria at all from the aspect of the Corona Pandemie is justifiable. Away from any polemics, one should interpret the “bare” figures accordingly, which the German Robert Koch Institute reliably provides in its bulletins and also serves as a basis for political decisions.

Corona infection risk in Croatia at 0.03

A total of about 1.3 million German tourists visited Croatia in the last four weeks, according to the Croatian National Tourist Board. These numbers correspond with the tourists also registered in the Croatian eVisitor. Of the 1.3 million Germans, 786 persons were infected with COVID-19 in the last four weeks, as reported by the German RKI. Based on the rather conservative assumption that it was about 50 % of the COVID-19 infected ones around German citizens with Croatian roots on home vacation as well as around the party tourists acts, 393 in Croatia infected remain in Croatia of the 1.3 million holiday-makers, which constitutes straight once 0.03 % of the actual Croatia vacationers, who are infected with the Coronavirus in Croatia. Or the other way around: from 10.000 holiday-makers statistically three holiday-makers in Croatia will be infected.

Danger continues to sink, because tourists departed

However, these figures only apply to the absolute peak season, when there was a not inconsiderable number of tourists in the country. And how many of them behaved accordingly at their travel destination in terms of compulsory masks, distance and hygiene rules was reported on several occasions at this point. If in these days in Croatia the off-season begins, most tourists already departed, because travel warnings from Austria, Italy and Slovenia as well as a partial travel warning from Germany for the regions Split and Sibenik provided for an abrupt end of the season coined/shaped of the Coronavirus of this year. In addition, anyone staying in Istria or the Kvarner region and avoiding hotspots such as Zagreb, Split or Sibenik will see a significant further reduction in the statistical risk of infection.

Off-season lures with free beaches and marinas

In the vacation regions only few tourists stay at present. Distance rules are not a topic, at present holiday-makers, who count exactly and do not let themselves be disconcerted by some overzealous media, enjoy the Adriatic sun at prices of the off-season. Peace has returned to most beaches, the traffic on the roads has decreased and the masses of vacationers in the cities have long since returned home because of the Corona travel warnings. A holidaymaker aptly wrote to us: “There is much less going on here than in any other large city in Germany or Austria! And where there are fewer people, the risk of infection is also lower.

Water sports enthusiasts are left out in the cold anyway. On August 24, the SeaHelp editorial team received a video with the text: “August 24 and not a single boat off the coast of Zadar.

No known infections among water sports enthusiasts in Croatia so far

First inquiries with the charter companies, whose guests are long again at home, confirm already times this trend that infections among boat and yacht owners from a charter vacation in Croatia are so far not well-known. Also under the SeaHelp members at present still nobody announced itself, who got itself in Croatia a Corona infection. Naturally the questions of worried tourists, in addition, Skipper and charter guests emerge again and again, who worry because of the situation in Croatia represented in the media. The decision cannot and does not want to take them SeaHelp off them naturally, but the numbers mentioned at the beginning should represent an important decision making aid.

Austria loosens entry restrictions

And last, but not least: The congestion danger at the borders to Austria might be probably first once banished, because controlled, how up-to-date from Croatia returning Skipper reports, highest still randomly. Most returnees communicated however that they had not been controlled at all any longer at the Karawanken tunnel.

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