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Marina Special Costa Daurada (Part 2): Boating along the Golden Coast of Catalonia

Costa Daurada: Charter yacht Beneteau Oceania 38.1
Perfect boat for the area: Beneteau Oceanis 38.1, for charter via BeCharter in Cambrils.© Beneteau

The Costa Daurada (Catalan; Spanish: Costa Dorada; Golden Coast) is a 216 km long coastal strip in the north-east of Spain, stretching from Vilanova i la Geltrú in the north to Alcanar in the south, immediately south of the Ebro Delta, thus forming the entire coastal area of the province of Tarragona. SeaHelp visited the Catalan region, which is ideal for marina hopping like no other and offers many leisure activities in addition to culture and culinary delights.

In the first part of our marina special about the Costa Daurada, we present the following marinas (from north-east to south-west): Club Nautic Cambrils, Club Nautic de Salou, Club Nautic Hospitalet-Vandellos, Club Nautico d’Amettla de Mar. In the second part, Port Calafat / Marina Sant Jordi, Club Nautic L Ampolla, Marina Sant Carles and Club Nautic les Cases d Alcanar follow, sailing further southwest.

In contrast to the Costa Brava further north, the Costa Daurada is characterized by long, fine-grained and gently sloping sandy beaches, which are ideal for bathing tourism. The proportion of sandy beaches on the Costa Daurada compared to rocky coasts is significantly higher than on other Spanish coastlines.

But that is by no means all that the 216-kilometre-long coastline in north-eastern Spain, which stretches from Vilanova i la Geltrú in the north to Alcanar in the south, immediately south of the Ebro Delta, and thus forms the entire coastal area of the province of Tarragona, has to offer.


Overview map Costa Daurada - Spain
Nautic Parc


For the SeaHelp editorial team, there has been nothing better in the last two seasons than spending days sailing from marina to marina off the Golden Coast, spending time at anchor in dreamy bays, getting to know the interesting history and rich culture of the region on shore excursions and tasting the culinary delights of this part of Catalonia.

If, like us, you want to get to know the Costa Daurada by boat, it is best to fly to Barcelona (alternatively to Reus) and then drive the 115 kilometers to Cambrils in an hour and a half by rental car. Just a few kilometers west of Tarragona, you are now right in the heart of the Costa Daurada.

5 + 6 Port Calafat and Marina Sant Jordi

(these two marinas belong together)

The “Capitana del Port” of Port Calafat is Miriam Sirisi. Both ports together can accommodate 324 boats up to 30 meters in length. In the larger Port Calafat, the maximum draught is four meters. For a 12-meter boat, you pay 60 euros per day in high season, 1,378 euros per month and 5,169 euros per year. There is water and electricity at the jetties and an electric charging station for cars, as well as boat rental/charter and accommodation for boaters. Info:

The tranquil Marina Sant Jordi is the smaller of the two marinas and has much more charm for us than its big sister Port Calafat. Here, too, there is water and electricity at the jetties as well as an electric charging station for cars, and there is also a boat rental / charter service and accommodation for boaters in Marina St. Jordi.



If you are traveling with your own or a chartered boat on the Costa Daurada and around the Ebro Delta in southern Catalonia, you should also plan a detour to nearby La Sénia: there are 35 thousand-year-old olive trees on the Els Carlets estate, from which one of the most exclusive olive oils of the Miliunverd – Arbor Sacris Luxury brand is extracted – including a guided tour of the olive grove and tasting by the friendly managing director Eva Cabanes.

7th Club Nàutic Ampolla

Club Nautic has 447 water berths for yachts up to 23 meters long and six meters wide, with a maximum draught of five meters. The marina can accommodate up to 15 large yachts (max. length 20 meters). A 12-meter yacht recently cost 78 euros/day, 462 euros/week, 1,593 euros/month and 8,700 euros/year. A berth for a 15-meter yacht costs 112 euros/day, 672 euros/week, 2,241 euros/month and 11,760 euros/year.

It is possible to buy a berth, which can be cheaper than renting long-term. The marina, with 190 guarded parking spaces, has full-service facilities, a fuel station and a 50-ton crane. The highly recommended restaurant/café is open to the public. The charm of this marina for us was that it is a very quiet harbor located in the idyllic bay of Fangar and offers good shelter from bad weather. It is easy to reach by sea or land (motorway/train) and is only half a kilometer from the Ebro Delta Nature Reserve Biosphere Reserve.

Tip: A stopover at Club Nautic Ampolla is a must because you should definitely visit Casa Montero, the restaurant at Club Nautic Ampolla. Here, the charming restaurant manager Carmen Montero serves fresh oysters and a good regional rosé; the menu is varied, refined and yet not overpriced. Info:



Wine lovers should plan at least half a day, preferably a whole day, for a visit to the Les Vinyes del Convent winery at the entrance to the small town of Horta de Sant Joan in the Comarca Terra Alta in the province of Tarragona, one of the highlights of our cruise along the Costa Daurada.

The head of the winery is Elías Gil, who represents the fourth generation of a traditional wine-producing family. For a small fee, Gil is happy to give a personal tour of his estate, tell anecdotes from his family’s 200-year history of winegrowing and organize tastings of his truly excellent wines.

The vines of Les Vinyes del Convent grow in a unique landscape and the wines are mainly made from the Grenache grape variety, the emblem of the Terra Alta region. The wines on offer include Els Costums blanco, Els Costums tinto, Lola Bel, Los Ceps de la Via Verda Blanco, Los Ceps de la Via Verda tinto, Mas de Sotorres and Mon Pare. The Paisatges Picassians wine is a reminiscence of Picasso, who stayed in Horta de Sant Joan in 1909 (and even has a museum dedicated to him in the small town).

8th Marina Sant Jordi La Rapita

The marina Sant Carles-Marina is located in the town of La Rapita in the heart of the Ebro Delta, halfway between Barcelona and Valencia, Mallorca is only about 100 nautical miles away from here. The port is a joint venture between MDL Marinas (British marina operator) and Ports i Marines (Catalan marina operator). There are 842 berths available, 80 percent of which are on floating pontoons with fingers. It also has its own boatyard with 12,000 square meters and a load capacity of up to 75 tons.

The maximum length as a home port is 33 meters, and there are currently 25 berths of this size available. The maximum width is 7.50 meters. For short stays, yachts up to 60 meters can also moor at the waiting jetty (by appointment). Since 2010, Sant Carles Marina has had a special offer for catamarans on the Med berths, where catamarans are charged the same price as monohulls, with no additional charge for their greater width.

The most recent daily rates in the high season (June-July-August-September) for a 12-meter yacht were: 53.75 euros, for 15 meters: 75.68 euros, 20 meters: 116.87 euros. The most recent monthly rates (2023) in the high season (June-July-August-September) were: 12 meters: 681 euros, 15 meters: 921 euros, 20 meters: 1,310 euros. The annual prices: 12 meters: 6,132 euros; 15 meters: 8,302 euros, 20 meters: 11,815 euros. All prices include VAT, water and electricity.

The marina offers the option of concluding a long-term rental contract for berths until September 2036. Customers with long-term rental contracts will then pay a quarterly service fee. In the long term, this should be a more cost-effective option compared to annual mooring contracts. More than 90 contractors are registered at the marina, who carry out most of the work on boats. There is also a filling station and a pump-out station. There is ample parking at the marina, the parking lot is controlled by barriers with license plate recognition cameras.

There is a restaurant/bar open to the public directly at the marina, which is open 7 days a week from 9 a.m. to midnight, with a pool right next door for a dip. Sant Carles Marina was conceived as Catalonia’s first resort marina, a place where customers and visitors can enjoy beautiful landscaping in a relaxed atmosphere.

Customer service is a top priority for the marina team led by marina manager Nicolas Gozalez. If you are looking for an authentic Catalan experience away from the crowded destinations near the best sailing areas and want plenty of space to choose from, then Sant Carles Marina is the place to be, whether you are traveling with a chartered sailing yacht or an electrically powered motorboat – the first charging station for e-boats on the Costa Daurada is located in Sant Carles Marina. Info:



The weather in the southern part of Spain’s east coast, which includes the Costa Daurada, is characterized by rather moderate winds. An easterly storm rarely occurs, the dreaded Levante, which should be taken seriously. Signs of this are poor visibility, clouds forming in the mountains and heavy rain.

The Mistral Tramontana, a typical backwind, should also be taken into account, which can usually be recognized by the cold, clear air of a previously passed cold front, rising air pressure and long, rolled clouds. However, these strong winds are usually only to be feared in winter and spring.

In the summer months, the predominantly good weather and warm, temperate climate, coupled with a great landscape and very good quality marinas, offer excellent sailing conditions for long and short trips.

No wonder that “initiated” sailors are repeatedly drawn to this Catalan sailing paradise. Quite a few of the German-speaking Costa Daurada fans now also have their own boat moored here – there are attractive offers for permanent residents in the marinas.

9th Club Nàutic les Cases d’Alcanar

The manager of Club Nautic Cases d’Alcanar is Anna Soler, who is in charge of 128 berths for boats up to 12 meters in length with a draught of less than two meters. The price for a 12-meter boat in high season is 64 euros per night. Boat maintenance, cleaning and painting of the hull (motorboats only) is offered, engine maintenance is carried out externally. There is a filling station and a ten-ton crane. The parking lot is exclusively available to members. Club Nautic has a bar/restaurant open to the public and all the necessary facilities, changing rooms, toilets, water, electricity that you would expect from a marina. A cooperating hotel is located in a charming village. Info:


Costa Daurada: Club Nàutic les Cases d'Alcanar
Club Nàutic les Cases d’Alcanar© Club Nàutic les Cases d’Alcanar


The Costa Daurada is also ideal for sailing beginners, as navigation is easy, the distances can be planned to be manageably short (if desired) and the good summer weather usually plays along.

Nevertheless, the Spanish Mediterranean coast between Vilanova i la Geltrú in the north and Alcanar in the south, immediately south of the Ebro Delta, is varied, extremely attractive and, above all, not yet overly touristy like some parts of the Costa Brava to the north-east.

A good infrastructure and varied coastline make sailing enthusiasts’ hearts beat faster here on the Golden Coast. Many idyllic bays with fantastic beaches are almost reminiscent of the Caribbean or even the Pacific (such as the beautiful Marquesas Beach near the Ebro estuary), and yet this beautiful Catalan part of Spain is only a few hours’ flight away from Germany or Austria.

More information about the Costa Daurada, the marinas, culture, restaurants and possible activities in the region

Josep Llorca Pau - Nautic Parc
Josep Llorca Pau© Nautic Parc

Nautic Parc

Pl. Comunitats Autónomes (Passeig Jaume I), Salou

Tel. +34 977 353 592



Part 1:

Marina Special Costa Daurada: Boating along the Golden Coast of Catalonia

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