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Croatian marinas presented: The Mitan Marina in Novi Vinodolski – Well protected, good service and a “feel-good climate”

Mitan Marina in Novi Vinodolski - Croatia
© Mitan Marina

Novi Vinodolski, not far from Rijeka and Crikvenica in the Kvarner Bay, is widely known for its excellent Žlahtina wine and its interesting history. But the small Adriatic town has more to offer than just good wine and history. Since April 2017, it has been home to the small but beautiful Mitan Marina, which is well worth a visit by boat – whether you only want to stay for a few days or for the whole year.

The small, friendly town of Novi Vinodolski, which got its name – nomen est omen – because of the wine growing in this region (Vinodol means wine valley), has a very rich history: Novi Vinodolski was the seat of the Dukes of Bribir, then still a neighbouring village of Novi Vinodolski, and the famous Croatian noble family of the Frankopans also settled here.

In addition to the tourist industry with several hotels, bungalows and flats, the “Vinodol Valley” is famous for its wine production. The wines produced in the area are similar to those from the neighbouring island of Krk, the main variety of grape cultivated is the late-ripening autochthonous white wine grape Žlahtina. However, Cabernet Sauvignon and Chardonnay are also produced.

There are many reasons to moor your lines at Mitan Marina in Novi Vinodolski, which opened in 2017

Of particular interest to sports skippers: “Mitan Marina in Novi Vinodolski, which opened in April 2017, can boast of having the cleanest water of all Croatian marinas,” we wrote here in 2021 after our first visit to the small marina. (The reason for the crystal-clear water, which allows you to recognise the seabed at almost every point of the marina, are freshwater springs from the Velebit Mountains, which pour into the bay of Marina Mitan).


Mitan Marina in Novi Vinodolski - Kvarner
© Mitan Marina


But this unique selling point is probably not the (only) reason why the new marina on the northern Adriatic, the so-called Kvarner, enjoys such great popularity among sports skippers from many countries around the world.

On the one hand, many charter and owner yachts like to call at Mitan Marina because it is located in a beautiful natural bay in the town of Novi Vinodolski and, with only 160 berths in the sea, falls into the category of a “smaller marina”. Here, boat guests can not only count on a well-protected, safe berth; they can also expect all the amenities they would expect on a carefree holiday.


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Virtual 3D tour© Mitan Marina


In addition to excellent gastronomy, the marina has a petrol station and other services

In the marina there is a coffee bar with excellent coffee and homemade pastries and the Marengo restaurant with exquisite specialities made from fresh and local ingredients, including the scampi for which this region is famous.


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Virtual 3D tour of the restaurant© Mitan Marina


Among other important amenities for sailors, Mitan Marina offers its own petrol station, beach, hotel accommodation and physiotherapist services and beauty treatments.


Mitan Marina: Events in der Marina
© Mitan Marina


Good to know: Mitan Marina also offers its services as a dry dock in new and modern hangars with a total area of 6,500 square metres with video surveillance, located just three kilometres from the sea. It is the largest enclosed dry harbour in this part of the Adriatic.

Its enclosed space can accommodate 160 vessels with an average length of 9.5 metres. As part of the dry harbour, there is a repair service department that offers all kinds of ship maintenance services.


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Virtual 3D tour of the dry dock© Mitan Marina


Special service: the yachts can be stored in the nearby dry dock on request and overhauled and maintained there during the winter

The combination of providing a berth in the sea in summer and a dry marina in winter is precisely the service that makes Mitan Marina so special on the market in this region of the Adriatic. “We are talking about a service that we call 6+6, whereby the boats are stored in a closed hall after the summer,” says the marina.



The boat owner does not even have to be present for the transfer of the boats to the dry dock, it is sufficient if he leaves his keys and orders the work that he wants to have carried out on the ship during the winter.

“When he arrives back at Mitan Marina at the start of the next season, his yacht will be waiting for him in the water, properly serviced and ready to go.”

Further information:

Address: Obala dr. Josipa Sokolića 1, 51250 Novi Vinodolski, Croatia (Google Maps)

Email: | Tel.: +385 51 627 762

Website: | Virtual 3D tour


Mitan Marina: Flyer dry dock with yacht service
© Mitan Marina
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