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Successful SeaHelp action is continued: Permit / Vignette also 2021 simply and safely extend or reapply.

SeaHelp Service: Apply for permit, vignette and tourist tax Croatia for boats and yachts online.
Who wants to save the ways to the harbor captain and to the bank to avoid unnecessary contacts at the same time, can let extend the permit/vignette for Croatia also this year about SeaHelp.

Also this year SeaHelp offers all skippers in Croatia again the possibility to extend the permit or vignette via the cooperation partner Mandinus d.o.o. or to apply for a new one. This saves time, nerves and unnecessary contacts in times of the Corona virus, as experience shows that many owners will travel to Croatia again when the border is opened and the port captains are likely to be overloaded with the sudden rush of people applying for their vignette (permit). Similar situations already occurred in 2020.

EU concepts for travel despite Corona

Looking at the current political developments regarding travel in the EU, the cautious assessment so far is that the 2021 water sports season in Croatia will be able to start quite soon, as work is being done at the EU level to develop viable concepts that will allow cross-country travel with a minimum of restrictions.

Permit or vignette renewal via SeaHelp

For boat and yacht owners, it is important to be prepared, not only technically, but also legally. And this includes not only the payment of the tourist tax, but also the application for the permit or vignette. SeaHelp, through its cooperation partner Mandinus d.o.o., can take care of the tiresome renewal or re-application of the vignette for the owners.

While the tourist tax can now be paid online, the fee for the permit can still not be paid online by most owners, despite information to the contrary in some cases, because the technical requirements for most owners from Germany and Austria are not yet given.

If one visits the corresponding portal, the user is indeed given the opportunity to register in German, but already in the second step comes the disillusionment: only citizens from Belgium, Estonia, Italy, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Portugal and Slovakia can currently use the portal, as SeaHelp was able to clarify upon explicit request to the responsible ministry. At least for users from Germany it should (allegedly) still be finally activated this year, as it was said by the official side as of March 1, 2021. After a short operating phase, this online solution was initially removed from the network again.

Permit/Vignette is not valid for 12 months, but calendar year

In order to avoid unnecessary contacts for boat and yacht owners in Croatia in the future, SeaHelp continues the action from last year 2020 slightly changed and offers to extend the permit for a small fee through its cooperation partner Mandinus d.o.o. or to apply for a new one. Important: The vignette is not valid for 12 months, but only for the calendar year. This means that all vignettes purchased in 2020 will have expired. The SeaHelp service to apply for the permit for owners includes several scenarios:

  1. An owner is in Croatian waters with their boat for the first time and needs to completely re-register
  2. An existing registration needs to be corrected due to changes (e.g. sale, new co-owner, engine change or technical changes)
  3. The permit / vignette must be renewed

Curtax can be easily paid online

The application is simple and “easy on the nerves”: simply click on this here and send the application to SeaHelp or its cooperation partner Mandinus d.o.o. completed.

In the meantime, boat and yacht owners can easily pay the applicable tourist tax online; SeaHelp no longer offers this option. The portal nautika.evistor provides the appropriate tool for online payment of the tourist tax. It can be operated very clearly. There are also no restrictions here, such as when applying for the permit.

SeaHelp services provide security

Since SeaHelp addresses itself with this offer not only to members, but to all boat and yacht owners in Croatia, at this point still a reference in own thing is permitted: Those who do not currently have a SeaHelp membership should consider for themselves whether it makes sense to join the ever-growing SeaHelp community. The attractive services provide the on-water safety that skippers need. Fast, expert help is just two clicks away on your smartphone in an emergency (SeaHelp APP: Apple smartphone | Android Smartphone) or by calling the helpline.


SeaHelp Service: apply for permit, vignette and tourist tax Croatia for boats and yachts online...: Click here to apply online.

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