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Achtung E-Scooter-Fahrer: In Croatia exists since 30 July 2022 helmet obligation

E-scooters: helmet compulsory in Croatia
From now on only with helmet and at night with protective vest: Croatia has now legally regulated the operation of the popular eScooters. However, some believe that the legislator has overshot the mark a bit here. It remains to be seen how this will be put into practice.© MOOVI

Driving the popular eScooters in Croatia was previously subject to a gray area, as this category of vehicles simply did not appear in the Croatian Road Safety Act. Effective July 30, 2022, that has changed: E-scooters now count as so-called means of passenger transport, may not travel faster than 25 km/h, and e-scooter riders must wear a bicycle helmet. At night and in conditions of limited visibility, wearing a high-visibility vest will additionally be mandatory when operating e-scooters in Croatia as of July 30, 2022.

E-scooters: helmet mandatory in Croatia

Since e-scooters such as the popular Moovi are enjoying growing popularity not only for the so-called “last mile” but also among city tourists, water sports enthusiasts and campers, a legal regulation in Croatia for this type of means of transportation was absolutely overdue. The small electric scooters moved in a legal gray area. Now, with the Road Safety Act, Croatia has caught up with the need for regulation in this area as well. Whether the helmet requirement will be well received by all eScooter drivers, however, is likely to be questionable.

Croatian law on road safety regulates helmet obligation

Here once the translated new regulation from the Croatian law on road safety for the definition of the means of transport “e-scooters”, in order to provide clarity:

“Means of passenger transport” is a vehicle that is not assigned to any vehicle category according to special regulations, without a seat, whose working volume of the engine is not greater than 25 cc or whose continuous power of the electric motor is not more than 0.6 kW and which can not reach more than 25 km/h on a level road on the road, ie. i.e. the design maximum speed does not exceed 25 km/h (self-balancing vehicle, unicycle with motor or electric drive, scooter with motor or electric drive (eScooter, editor’s note)”

E-scooters on bike paths or sidewalks

Also, the use of traffic routes for e-scooters in Croatia is now fixed:

“Electric scooters may now only be ridden on bike paths and, where there are none, on sidewalks with increased caution.”

Protective helmet and at night with protective vest

Generally, it is mandatory to wear a protective helmet when riding the eScooters, although a simple bicycle helmet should be sufficient. The law states:

“All drivers of electric scooters must wear a safety helmet and at night and in limited visibility a high-visibility vest. The maximum permissible speed of the e-mobile is 25 km / h, the power 600 W. Headphones may not be used on both ears while driving.”

Infractions: Up to 1000 kuna fine

Those who do not comply with the regulations from July 30, 2022, will face a misdemeanor charge with a fine, because misconduct in the operation of eScooters will be sanctioned accordingly: The fine for not wearing a helmet is HRK 300. For riding outside bike lanes and other designated areas, the fine is HRK 500. For exceeding the prescribed speed, riders are fined HRK 1,000.

In marinas and campsites

Although there is no experience yet regarding the interpretation of the law, these new regulations for e-scooters are likely to be valid only in public road traffic. In marinas and campgrounds, which are not part of the public traffic area, the helmet requirement is unlikely to apply. Here, however, the operator of the facility can possibly adopt the regulations of the new law for the operation for e-scooters in Croatia via his house right.

E-scooter helmet obligation only in Croatia and Portugal

In general, there is still no real clarity at the EU level as to who is allowed to operate which e-scooter at what maximum speed, so we recommend that anyone who wants to use an e-scooter on vacation should find out in advance about the legal regulations in their vacation country. However, the helmet requirement for e-scooters currently only applies in Croatia in addition to Portugal within the EU.

E-Scooter Moovi with road approval

Incidentally, anyone looking for a small, powerful e-scooter to which both a shopping basket and a transport holder for boxes can be attached will find what they are looking for among the SeaHelp advantage partners. The “Moovi” presented there meets all these requirements and also has the road approval required in Germany.


E-Scooter Moovi Pro Comfort
E-scooter Moovi Pro Comfort with road approval as a transport solution for skippers.© MOOVI
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