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Easter vacation in Croatia 2021: Can you travel to Croatia again this year for Easter?

Croatia: Shortly before Easter yachts are made fit for Easter vacation 2021
With the first warming rays of sunshine, the desire of boat owners to prepare their yachts for the coming season and get them into the water increases. The SeaHelp editorial staff has once sounded out the chances for vacation trips from Easter 2021 to Croatia.

Is it possible to travel to Croatia on vacation again as early as Easter 2021 despite Corona? This question is not only asked by boat and yacht owners, but also by many vacationers who traditionally want to enjoy the first warming rays of sunshine on the Adriatic. To anticipate: The situation, of course, depends heavily on the development of incidence figures in Croatia. Nevertheless, the SeaHelp editorial team once dared to take a look into the much-cited crystal ball, which gave a cautiously positive answer to this pressing question. Of course, like any look at future developments, without guarantee.

Comparatively low incidence figures

Let’s start by soberly summarizing the facts: Incidence numbers in Croatia have been within a moderate range for quite some time, with a 7-day incidence of 57.8 on February 23 and a 14-day incidence of 112.6 , according to the day-by-day SeaHelp statistics on incidence numbers for Croatia. In contrast, according to the official bodies of the EU, the 14-day incidence in Germany is 140.7, in Austria 212.44, in Italy 283.10 and in Slovenia 620.7. Even taking into account the significantly lower testing in Croatia compared to Austria and Germany, there should be no strong argument against a Croatia vacation in compliance with the Corona rules based on this data.

Croatia: Restaurant outdoor areas open from March

Apparently in anticipation of the Easter season, Croatia has planned initial relaxations as of March 1: Restaurants will then be able to serve food outside on terraces again, the inner area will remain closed with the exception of toilets, and the first outdoor sports will be allowed again.

“Carefully consider relaxation measures”

“As warmer weather arrives and more people are vaccinated, the numbers will continue to drop. The current epidemiological situation is such that Croatia ranks third in the European Union. In 14 days we are considering additional concessions. However, we have to be careful when new virus strains spread and vaccines arrive slower. Headquarters will carefully consider easing measures,” stressed the head of the Croatian Institute of Public Health, Krunoslav Capak.

Problem: Quarantine in Germany and Austria after vacation

As positive as the situation in Croatia is, the entry requirements with subsequent quarantine and possibly mandatory testing in Germany and Austria could probably prevent so make Croatia vacationers from enjoying the first Adriatic sun for a few days.

Istria: 7-day incidence value at 16.3 (Feb. 23, 2021)

Striking and not very understandable against this background: on February 14, regions of Greece (Western Macedonia and Thessaly) were removed from the list of risk areas, although the rest of Greece is subject to strict entry requirements, the country is in lockdown predominantly designated as a risk area with an incidence value (14-day) of 141.54.

Why, against this background, certain Croatian regions such as the Istria region with a 7-day incidence of 16.3 and a 14-day incidence of 28.7 with just 33 active COVID-19 sufferers (as of Feb. 23, 2021) were not excluded from the general travel warning for Croatia, probably remains the secret of the responsible authorities in Germany and Austria. SeaHelp will write to the decision-makers in the respective bodies and ask for a written explanation, because after looking at the figures there is no even halfway logical reason not to travel to this region.

Current 7- and 14-day incidence for Istria

[wpdatachart id=15]

Actual 7-day incidence (orange line) and 14-day incidence (blue line) for the Croatian county of Istria. Based on the interactive diagram, one can see impressively the development of coronavirus infection in Istria.
Data analysis: Sea-Help Ltd | Data source:

Damocles sword: quarantine when returning home after Easter vacation Croatia

To summarize: According to common sense or common sense, there is actually nothing against a trip to Croatia at Easter, if not the quarantine threat currently still hovers like a sword of Damocles over the holidaymakers. However, those who put up with the quarantine will have a pleasant time in Croatia, as the majority of tourists are most likely still waiting.

Entry Croatia: Will boat owners again be among the first tourists?

And the entry to Croatia? From Easter there should already have come movement into the currently still strict entry regulations. As a reminder: In 2020, boat owners were again the first to be allowed to enter without restrictions…

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