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Croatian Tourism Minister Nikolina Brnjac infected with Coronavirus: Croatian coastal regions without problems – problem child big cities

Coronavirus Croatia: New infections record numbers
Keeping a distance in the extensive Croatian coastal regions is not a problem at all - new coronavirus infections rather in urban areas

Currently, the media is outdoing itself with bad news regarding the Europe-wide spread of the COVID 19 pandemic caused by Sars-CoV-2. Croatia might step these days again into the focus of the not rarely also politically motivated reporting, because exactly Nikolina Brnjac, since 23 July 2020 Minister for sport and tourism, infected herself with the Corona virus, as Croatian media report. From our point of view absolutely no reason to draw wrong conclusions, Germany’s health minister Jens Spahn is also in quarantine. As is well known, the US president was not spared by the corona virus. The editorial staff has no other choice than to wish Nikolina Brnjac a speedy recovery and turn to the actual corona situation in Croatia.

Record reports of new coronavirus infections throughout Europe

The situation in Croatia is developing almost as expected, hardly differently than in the other European countries. There the record number of new coronavirus infections is increasing day by day, in Austria and Germany the bad L-word, i.e. lockdown, is already making the rounds, and Slovenia is already restricting regional traffic.

Transit through Italy, Slovenia, Austria possible at any time

For boat and yacht owners, who now have to or want to travel to Croatia to prepare their boat for winter storage, this should not be a reason to panic. The transit routes through Italy, Slovenia and Austria will remain open, only at the borders there is the possibility to have a closer look. However, this should not lead to excessive waiting times either, because there are significantly fewer travelers on the road at the moment.

Low coronavirus infection risk in Croatia’s coastal regions

A stay in the Croatian coastal regions, with this opinion remains the SeaHelp editorship, represents also further no larger risk in the comparison with the attendance of a German or Austrian city.

Structure of the coastal regions and the large cities differently

A SeaHelp coworker from Punat, who was only recently vocationally in Zagreb, hits the nail on the head with her perception: In the large cities, not only in Croatia, many families live in small dwellings and are used to being in pedestrian zones and Shopping centers. Especially when the weather gets worse. In addition there is the considerable number of commuters who travel to the city by train or bus to work. Distance rules often cannot be observed, and the corona virus has a good chance of spreading in this environment”.

Example Krk: Easy compliance with corona distance rules

She was all the more relieved when she was finally back on “her” island of Krk: “Here the weather is much more pleasant until the winter, many things are still happening outside and now most of the island’s inhabitants are busy with the olive harvest anyway”. But for all coastal regions the following applies: “Hardly anyone uses public transport, if at all possible we drive our own car to do errands. This for us coastal inhabitants almost oppressive narrowness in the big cities simply does not exist here”. And therefore the virus has much less chance to spread. No discos, shopping facilities that are actually designed for the tourist rush in summer – distance rules are much easier to keep.

New corona strategy: regions and forms of vacation instead of national borders

And it is precisely for these reasons that rising coronavirus new infections should be viewed in a differentiated manner according to regions and not according to national borders. But also according to forms of vacation, because the risk of infection for water sports enthusiasts is not comparable with the risks of party tourists.

Without bad conscience at Croatia’s coast!

In the plain language that means: Who must prepare now still its real estate, its ship or its caravan in Croatia for the lining up winter, can these work without bad conscience settle. In the Croatian Marinas like everywhere at the coast it is not difficult to keep the distance rules with house or human understanding. In most cases it is even easier than in your home country.

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