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Balance sheet 22. Biograd Boat Show: Trade fair concept works despite corona protection measures

22nd Biograd Boat Show in Croatia: TOP weather for visitors and exhibitors
Even the weather god meant well with the Biograd Boat Show.

The 22nd Biograd Boat Show already draws a successful interim balance. The visitor numbers do not put on the level of the previous year, which might be owed doubtlessly to the Coronavirus, but if one around itself among the exhibitors around asks, most were nevertheless content with the conversions realized so far on Croatia largest boat fair.

Visitors with serious purchase intentions

Several exhibitors reported unanimously that although fewer visitors found their way to the Marina Kornati in Biograd for the boat show, those who decided to visit the fair showed quite serious purchase intentions. Thus, despite the Corona pandemic, not only were sales deals initiated, but also actually realized.

Exhibitor of the Biograd Boat Show satisfied

One exhibitor put it in a nutshell: “In the past, many visitors who lived in the surrounding area came to the Biograd Boat Show, simply to see what was going on there. Now only skippers with serious intentions to buy or charter a boat or yacht come”. As he further explained, this circumstance creates a relaxed atmosphere on the exhibition grounds, which of course suits the character of the Biograd Boat Show.

Corona protection regulations well implemented

Another positive aspect is how the trade fair concept was implemented with regard to the Corona protection regulations: Even in the outdoor area, many trade fair visitors were seen wearing masks that kept sufficient distance. The corona virus is unlikely to stand a chance. Anyone who wanted to visit the exhibition tents was informed by the security at the entrance that masks were compulsory, and dispensers with disinfectant were also available.

22nd Biograd Boat Show in Croatia: with high security against the coronavirus
Those responsible implemented the corona protection measures with a sense of proportion: Masks outdoors when required, absolutely mandatory in closed rooms. Security ensured that the rules were observed.


Good opportunity for networking

Besides the information about the latest developments and products in water sports, networking was of course the main focus. Representatives of the ACI Marina Association were on site as contact persons as well as the Croatian Charter Association and the Croatian Marina Association. Here experiences could be exchanged and relationships could be established.

Also video meetings possible

Particularly pleasing: Croatian business people and employees of numerous associations and interest groups were prepared to hold meetings via video conferencing in order to reduce contacts to the necessary minimum. After all, a trade fair of this magnitude has an international audience, and not all travel routes are always open to them, especially at the present time. We must not forget this: Especially the Croatian coast and the hinterland of the coastal region were, compared to the rest of Europe, relatively spared from new coronavirus infections.

Corona tests for exhibitors and visitors of the boat show

But here too, the organizers of the fair played it safe: On the last two days of the fair, visitors and exhibitors of the Biograd Boat Show from abroad will have the opportunity to be tested for the coronavirus. Provided that the test is negative, they can then present appropriate certificates on entry to their home countries, which will protect them from quarantine.

SeaHelp informs about current entry requirements

And who does not know exactly, which documents are necessary with the re-entry into the homeland countries, which can inform naturally up to date on the SeaHelp homepage about the nearly weekly changed regulations of the individual countries regarding a journey to Croatia. A special Button on the news side leads the users directly to the relevant information in German and English language.

22nd Biograd Boat Show in Croatia: Interim results of the exhibitors
The exhibitors of the 22nd Biograd Boat Show were pleased about interested visitors until the evening hours.
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