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On our own account: Adjustment of SeaHelp memberships

New memberships
The new SeaHelp memberships: Charter Pass, Standard/Owner Pass, Smart Pass and Premium Pass
SeaHelp has adjusted and broadened their service portfolio in compliance with the current requirements of their members. Besides the Owner’s and the Standard Pass, respectively, there is now the possibility to book an upgrade for additional services like for a Smart Pass or a Premium Pass which may be used free of charge within the scope of the SeaHelp membership.

Prior to redesigning the membership, intensive questioning was carried out among a large number of SeaHelp members, as well as a statistical processing of the service operations during recent years. Telephone-supported translation aid in the case of language problems that may occur when dealing with authorities or marina staff, additional towing miles, anchor diving and, in many cases, telemedical support in emergency situations on board are right at the top of the members‘ wish list and could successfully be integrated in the service portfolio as well as a range of several tangible benefits when concluding a SeaHelp Insurance contract especially for SeaHelp members (third part liability and comprehensive insurance).

The Owner’s Pass and the Standard Pass with their comprehensive range of services remained untouched, though. Nevertheless, due to the economic development, prices had to be slightly increased for the first time in five years.

From now on, the Smart Pass includes the newly-introduced marina to marina towing which means not only free of charge towing of the vessel or the yacht to the next marina or craning facility but, upon the members‘ request, towing up to 30 nautical miles. Furthermore, the helpline with skilled English-Croatian translators (or vice versa) will provide support in the case of language problems.

The Premium Pass, offering anchor diving and telemedical support in addition to the services of the Smart Pass, is meant for all those members who want to be on the safe side by means of an all-round protection. This service has proven its worth during the past year and is realised by SeaHelp’s cooperating partner Kirt Steiermark on their own responsibility.

In order to avoid misunderstandings occurring in the first place: of course, all the new services are available for all members such as the telemedical support but, nevertheless, will be charged as long as they are not included in the services of the respective SeaHelp Pass.

The Charter Pass, the economic temporary SeaHelp membership option, remains unchanged with its services though the price had to be slightly adjusted as well.

One thing has not changed, however: SeaHelp will also remain in future the reliable partner for all skippers in all the assisted regions and, as proved in the past, will always be present in critical situations.

Here an overview of the services.

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