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New membership card: electronic membership card on your mobile phone with immediate effect

SeaHelp new electronic membership card
SeaHelp membership card on smartphone
From now on, it’s nearly impossible to leave the SeaHelp membership card behind: starting at the beginning of 2020, SeaHelp will switch its concept of plastic cards, that has already got a bit long in the tooth, to the electronic membership card, integrated in the SeaHelp app and which, in addition, may be filed as well in another place on the smartphone.

This is not only supposed to be SeaHelp’s contribution to environmental protection – and not just a small one as 15,000 plastic cards per year mean about a hundred kilograms of plastic waste which could be avoided – but it is as well intended to pay tribute to the development of the mobile phone. And, what is more, letter service and postal deliveries cause additional, unnecessary  emissions which can now be avoided by electronic means.

SeaHelp CEO Wolfgang Dauser: ”The mobile phone is our connection to the internet and the telephone network, we use it to navigate, even to partially moor our yachts, operate drones and settle our payments via smart phone as it offers the possibility to deposit credit cards. So in this context it only seems to be logical to also deposit the SeaHelp membership card here.‟

And, in addition, there is another quite practical advantage of this switch: our wallets are generally overloaded with plastic cards, literally bursting at the seams. So, most probably everybody will be happy to have a less bulky wallet with more space in it in the future.

These are all good reasons for the  immediate implementation, i.e., practically starting a new, sustainable form of the proof of membership by introducing the new membership model.

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